Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Insert Anything That Doesn't Make Me Sound Like a Crazy Cat Lady

I'm going to say that I think I deserve a gold star for resiliance today and your open mind. That's pretty high and mighty but I've held out long enough. (Drumroll)I've been sharing my bed with same girl for the last year and a half and damn it, life's too short (RIP Muffy) and I'm coming out of the ...cat box.
This is HoneyCat all curled up in her window next to our pumpkin from Stanley's and one of the new tech advancements to the Wicker Park pad. She is fabulous. A round, freckled, green-eyed "Tortie" who has her sassy moments but really just wants to be fed and loved on. Remind us of anyone we know?

HoneyCat also has friends within the blogging community. Cam of C'est Bon! Did this little mock-up for me when she just didn't feel like acting analyst-y anymore. You should at least appreciate the consistency and if you get a moment, drop by C'est Bon! and tell Cam how much you adore HC's cape and beret. There are actually more where this came from but I'll save those for a rainy day.

It's true what everyone says. It's so freeing to be myself in the open and not trapped in the Fresh Step.

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