Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Tastiest 5 Minutes of Your Day

And I mean that in the traditional sense. If I meant it in the non-traditional sense, I would be optimistic on your behalf and say the tastiest 10-20 minutes of your day so as to both infer that you had a fun chunk of time rather than a sliver and that you could count on it happening today. Maybe you can... but that has little or nothing to do with this delicious chicken recipe unless the way to man's heart really is through his stomach and the man you have in mind isn't allergic to coriander. Wouldn't THAT be a damn shame.

I love this video and think the vantage point and ease really help people to get comfortable with the recipe. I made this once for Jones and Lo and just tonight for Miss Marguerite. It was pretty good both times although both go to show that improvisations to recipes can lend surprising results.

1) The first time I made this I discovered at the last second that I had no ground coriander. So I of course run up the stairs to my landlord to borrow borrow. She has whole coriander seeds which a then crushed with a hammer and thought they tasted wonderful. Or Wunderbar! as Lo would say.

2) This time I remembered everything. Except the heavy cream because I have a knack for forgetting anything the makes me feel the slightest bit guilty or sad (although I remember the angry stuff for a comically long time). Anyway, forgot the cream. Sorry Mag. So instead, I decided to use my Fat Free, Original CoffeeMate. That's cream-esque, right? Non. It was still good and still quite edible but instead of the rich texture I had come to expect, it was watery and kept the sauce at more of an au jus consistency.

See? Even when you cook alot, there's always something! The lesson here is to get one's ass out of the kitchen and over to the Jewel rather than improvise cream for anything that has a second ingredient of corn syrup. This was good with mushrooms (Local exotics from Green City Market) and some lightly sauteed baby spinach that has just the teensiest spritz of fresh lemon.

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