Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I feel excitement is so much better than a lot of things

Warning- Spoilers!
I was very happy with Pushing Daisies tonight on several fronts. First, quotable- see Ned in the title and the round-out of the top three below. Second, visually the show just keeps getting better. When Ned changed the leaves in this episode and rotten fruit in past eps, it's just beautiful.

I lovethe way that Olive and Chuck's relationship is evolving and I agree with others that her aunts will be coming back into play sooner rather than later.

Last- am I so sick that I'm constantly trying to find ways around the no-touching policy? I admit, the tension is a welcome change of pace from most shows but there HAS to be a way...

For more in depth conversation, JonK pointed me in this direction.

"The Turkish one means 'Good Day' which is so much better than 'Hello' because what does 'Hello' really say other than "I'm here, you're turn to talk! Kinda selfish."-Chuck

"The truth ain't like puppies: bunch of 'em run around and you pick you favorite."- Emerson Cod


Jenn said...

I didn't get to finish last night's episode due to a phone call but I can't wait to catch up online. I'm still so excited by the colors used in the show. And Ned and Chuck give me goosebumps haha.

So@24 said...

It's the ONE show I've been excited to get into, but I still haven't seen it yet.