Sunday, November 4, 2007


After reading about this on several other blogs, I decided it was a pretty great idea, even if no one wants to read my rantings daily. Plus- it's a LOLCAT... I can has cheezeburger? Click on the logo to be sent to some random blogs and thus get to know your fellow Americans- for better or worse.Made a crisp bill in the burbs last night so today's project is to determine my grocery needs for the week and a get a move on to the store before church lets out:)


Nastya said...

Haha that last cat picture is <3

Anonymous said...

Hello new friend! Food blogging is the BEST!!! I'm just a newbie at this, but I have already "met" and discovered so many talented, kindred spirits in the food blogging community that I'm kicking myself for not joining it sooner!!!!
And yes - I do have a SERIOUS obsession with all things France!!!