Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Reader's Digest

Things I was supposed to do tonight:
Laundry, Car Unpacking/Repacking, Luggage Organizing, Dishwashing, Audiobook Purchasing

Things I did instead:
Three empty bottles of wine in the trashcan and laughing my ass of with Kelli and Jones. I did also manage to buy audio books ("Water for Elephants" and "The Historian"- two books I'm desperate to read and can't seem to get to) and at least removed my steamer from the trunk.
Mostly I accomplished spending a cozy evening inside with two of my favorite college keepsakes who I don't see enough of. Kelli's almost never in town from San Francisco and after chatting tonight- I think I owe her a visit. B/T Ghiradelli, what I remember of Mt Diablo and the Castro, I think I would love it.
Above: The wine our lil Napa girl got us for Christmas!
We had grand plans of Bin Wine Cafe or Rodan but it is SICK outside and there was wine here. And triscuits. And we could hear each other above the playlist. And no one can judge us for the snorting laughter that only a shared bank of absurd recollections induces. And then after, against everyone's much better judgment, we popped over to Osco for a pack of college indulgence. Fun facts: Joner's mag of choice is Reader's Digest, Kelli has a thing for vampires and I have a strange way of explaining my lack of qualification for the AARP.
Sidenote: You know it's a good week when you live alone but somehow all 8 of your wine glasses are dirty.

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