Saturday, December 1, 2007

Great Wall o Snow

Truthfully I had intention to take the day off from blogging in celebration of NaBloPoMo completion. I wasn't perfect- but I think I only missed 4 days total. Then I rolled out of bed and took up what has become my morning routine. Reading 4-5 blogs. Oh goodnight, I think I have a habit on my hands.
But what to say? Fun night last night- someone I very much looked up to in college had a housewarming party at her new place in the Fulton River District (daytime view above) and I got caught up with CPA Amanda and her fabulous roommate KChristy at a Lincoln Park night. Interestingly enough, both groups had their own delegate from Martha Stewart. It's a good thing. It's been a long long time since I hit up Trinity or Sedgwicks and I almost got nostalgic for my old place. Nostalgia or the thought of a $10 cab ride home to WP vs two years of being able to virtually trip walking out of Trinity or Hidden Shamrock and land on my front stoop.
Today I am also pumped because I get to hang with CVDJ who has been making big life changes with husband (no she's not preggers, doesn't mean i've stopped asking though:). We're going down to the decorating district to help decorate her mother-in-law's store for Christmas (see above for one of my faves). AND, if I really get a bug in my bonnet, I'm gonna come home with a little Christmas tree to put on the mirror table in my front window(see below).
I know- I kinda hit the easy button today but I'm bouncing around a few things for tomorrow so don't give up on me yet! Besides, if you look at the weather map on top, there is a wall of snow coming and I will probably have some time on my hands for a nice cocktail of Amy Grant and Sufjan Stevens' Christmas albums.


Gjelly said...

Your house looks adorable! I should have you come over and help decorate my place! :)

ToKissTheCook said...

Thanks G! It's still a work in progress but definitely a labor of love! I also recommend if you don't already visit- great ideas on there.