Sunday, December 9, 2007

It's a Thick Line Between Love and TV: Part II

There is something to be said for a very quiet night but I broke down and watched one of my favorite Sex & the City episodes anyway. The one where Carrie's just started dating Aiden and he keeps refusing to "come inside." I love Aiden, to the point of being mad when she kept screwing it up. He's pretty much it for me. I don't need the flash and the issues- give me a straight up good guy with a dog. It's unfortunate that his being a TV character will always get in the way of "us" going anywhere but the silly DVR keeps me from giving up the ghost entirely.

John Corbett is also just sexy (aware that I'm sounding like Tiger Beat). I started thinking about it and many of my favorite things involve him: Serendipity (why do I love this movie soo much?), Northern Exposure (Dad always wanted me to get my hair cut like Janine Turner's- not likely), My Big Fat Greek Wedding and of course SATC. I even like the long-haired rock guy look and bought "Whole Other Bottle of Whiskey." I've gone so far as to get involved with guys that resemble John Corbett. Well, only one, but I felt compelled to tell him this and then turn bright red. Which was somehow endearing at the time, thank goodness.

The 6'5 bit is nice too. Being on the tall side for a girl, I naturally have my head in the clouds and it would be nice not to be all alone up there.


Christy Lou Who said...
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Jenn (freeandflawed) said...

I liked him on Sex & The City. His hair, well I wasn't a big fan of that in Serendipity.

Christy Lou Who said...

post was about which SATC guy was my favorite. But then I realized I couldn't choose, even when I really tried. I think it's Steve. Or Harry. See, I can't choose!

ToKissTheCook said...

Jenn- I did not PREFER the longer Serendipity look, my adoration just didn't significantly wane.

ChristyLou- I see we have another fan of the nice guys:) I love them both- but Harry probably noses ahead as my favorite of the two. He was just so perfect for Charlotte by the time he cam around that it made me like her more too.