Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mom's Reponse to My Over-Sun Due to Oversight

Me: It looks alot worse than it feels.
Mom: How many Advils did you take?
Me: :)
Mom: I don't think you should go in the sun tomorrow.
Brother: I know you have some linen pants- just throw those on.
Me: Brilliant.
Mom: Ok, leave your pants on until it's time for family swim in the ocean. Though I'm not sure how salt water will work on that kind of burn...
(pregnant pause)
Mom: I really want to have family swim time in the ocean.

Other than a bright red patch below my right calf, life is good on the Sea of Cortez. Grilled some steaks and made some guacamole for dinner tonight and watched "The Lives of Others" which I got for Christmas. After a long day in the some (note the crimson, spotty proof), I'm headed to bed to read the rest of Brother's Esquire and sleep about 3.5 hours earlier than I typically do at home.

ALSO: A very happy Boxing Day to Nick and KMo in London. I got an international calling card in my stocking so I'll be back on your radar screen shortly!!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you're enjoying your vacation! I want a tan for Christmas but I think my tube of Jergen's Natural Glow is as close as I'm gonna get. Winter SUCKS!