Monday, December 17, 2007

My Day in Court

As some of you may remember, I got a ticket a few weeks back. In retrospect, I knew it was illegal, I did it anyway, I got caught, I’m handling the consequences. Even if I think it is a stupid, stupid law.

However, last night I could hardly sleep and when I did there were strange dreams to contend with. I got up early this morning to pick out my "court appropriate" outfit. I got into the courtroom 20 minutes early, checked in and found a seat. It is illegal to read in traffic court, I wish I knew why. What I will say is that the people-watching is fantastic. People from all walks shuffling around grumbling about their Monday morning at the Daley Center and of course the handful of cops that put them all there. There were even those with lawyers. One of these lawyers starts chatting me up about my "case." Sadly for him, his client is much more attractive. Too bad he decided to do 82 in a 35. That's just irresponsible.

When my name is called I walk up to the judge and I don't even pretend like I'm going to fight it. What would be the point? I did it, I got caught, I bought a Bluetooth. He appreciates this I guess, tells me I look like Bonnie of Bonnie & Clyde with my hat but that he's "pretty sure he can take this off my driving record"...wink. Nice old man, not creepy. I still had to pay the $80 but I'm glad it will go away.

I have to be seated again until they round up my license. Re-insert smarmy lawyer (not my type for many reasons although I have nothing against lawyers as a general profession). His client is getting Starbucks now that the verdict has been handed down. He says we should get coffee or a martini some other time. "Have you ever been to Martini Park?" which is hilarious because Marianne just told me about this place being stocked like a pond with thirty-something lawyers. Sounded like a good idea at the time, eh Mar?

No. And I tell him no. And I almost said yes on the principal of having walked out of my court date with a date but No. No no no.

Came back, played with Boss' new kitten, turned a release around and interviewed an internship candidate.

Went home and ran straight to training for The Boring Store! The When I'm on the schedule I'll blog more about my excitement to help 826 Chicago and pretend to be a spy to strangers all day. I expect every Chicago-area reader to show up on Milwaukee Ave once I get my dates.

Post Spy-Training, I made the spice rub salmon, garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli which went down well with a celebratory Zin.

And I finally saw “The 300,” which was awesome but I've promised a limited review so as not to spoil it. Rarely would I think of this kind of movie as something with a solid romantic subplot but Lena Headey and Gerard Butler were hot. Can you ever go wrong with ancient Greece?


Susie said...

That's so funny! And you're right...that law is totally dumb. Luckily, we don't have it in Boston...yet. My sister always calls me on her way home from work and makes me hold on while she puts down the phone when driving by a police. I can't believe it's an $80 ticket!!

So@24 said...

The law sucks, but it's nice to know that the judge wasn't a complete dick. Good to know people like this are in the system.

$80?? I'm getting a handsfree...

Jamie Lovely said...

Chicago and their ridiculous tickets. $80 for that. $90 for driving through a red light when you CLEARLY did not, cameras be damned. I'm still angry about my own.

And how awesome is it that you get to work at the Boring Store. Seriously, I thought my job was cool! I never been there but have heard great things. I will come visit you!

ToKissTheCook said...

Sus: I do the same thing to my loved ones. Er, uh, I did. Before I got a ticket. Or maybe still when I can't find my headset.

So: Do it, girls know you're in biz when you've got a bug in your ear.

JL: You must come to the Boring Store. We have excellent children's books. And spy cams. And very very small flashlights. I will probably be there a Saturday per month but I will be in a trench coat and calling myself Agent 98.

Jonk said...

Actually, I don't think that law sucks. I thought it did, until earlier this year, when this one lady came this close to slamming into me. Now I think it's a good one.

My car has Bluetooth capabilities, but I don't have it. Maybe I should get a Bluetooth, but do I really get enough calls to warrant it? Nah.

ToKissTheCook said...

Jonk, I get miffed at people who aren't paying attention to the road for sure. I guess I am just prone to thinking that's not me (riiiight). Seriously, it probably is a good idea , just not $80 and a court date and license revocation good idea.