Monday, December 24, 2007

No Pictures, Please

Hola from Cabo and Merry Christmas Eve!!

After boarding on time, sitting at the gate for 2.25 hours, 4.5 hours in transit, 1.25 hours in customs and crossing a highway on foot with 65 lbs of luggage in tow, I arrived. I followed the owner's emailed directions to the appropriate door, opened it and dropped my suitcase in shock. And then persisted in squealing shouting and doing a rather spastic touchdown dance in the middle of the most beautiful place I think I've ever stayed. All I'd heard to this point was, "I found a great place on the Internet!!" from Mom. Ummm...yeah.

I looked ahead, as I'm looking now, and see/hear nothing but ocean. Floor to ceiling windows run the length and 2/3 of those slide open to a wrapping veranda looking out over the Sea of Cortez.

At this point, a housekeeper (maybe 19?) popped out of a hallway giggling. I blush and then do my dance again for her to illustrate how happy I am to have been invited here. She gets it, I think, although gathers her supplies muttering what I can only assume to be "Stupid, Crazy Gringo." Fair assessment.

I'm on Dad's computer right now as I haven't been down to get the Airport code for my computer which means no pictures. This may be for the best because alot of you are in the Midwest right now and I don't want to come off as gloating. Although I worry that I've done that too much already. I'm just excited.

Favorite things so far:
- Made friends on the plane! A family alot like ours with a brother/sister pairing of the same age and order. Gonna grab drinks at Cabo Wabo later in the week.

- Mom and Dad arrived an hour after me. Also grinning like a touchrown dance was not out of the question. It was about 5 by then- my favorite time of day. Mom had, no joke, checked a 4 ft pre-lit tree along with several favorite ornaments and some ribbon.

-There were still a few beers left in the fridge from the previous tenants.

- I fell asleep with half my wall open so I could hear the waves and slept better than I have in weeks. After all the stress leading up to it, having the full family under one roof again on a new adventure was just what the doctor ordered.

This morning we were up with the sun, on the beach at 9 and in the water by 10. Waves are crazy on either side of the beach from us but we appear to have a sandbar which cuts us a break (no pun intended).

"Why are you inside on the computer??!!!" Because I am a big freckle and its day one. I have Suite Francais and The Nine with me and I will return to them now and leave you to your Christmas Eve, hopefully among your own sets of loved ones.


So@24 said...

In an entirely different country and still has the dedication to blog to her loyal fans.

Now THAT'S impressive.

d said...

it is impressive. i'm so living vicariously through this blog entry right now, sitting in cold chicago.

keep us in the loop!