Wednesday, December 12, 2007

To You From Me Pinky Lee

Blah blah was a cruddy day. That said, I don't really like to dwell on anything for too long and there were also some good things happening in my midst that I'd rather not forget about.

Family: Mom's reminder that Brother & I's portions of the family Christmas letter (to be accompanied by the- ugh - family portrait) are due to her Thursday. I thought this was a fun idea but I keep reading mine and it is a) long and b) meh. I'll try clever one more time in the morning, otherwise at least my photo and submission will be consistent. Altogether amusing.

Colleagues: The ladies came back from a meeting this afternoon in the suburbs with "gifties" from a stop at Bath & Body Works. Last time I got CO Bigelow lipgloss, this time I got a little trio of travel-size fun for Mexico and the socks above from Vi. Most people would tell you that when they think of me, they do not think pink and fuzzy socks. Or any of the three actually. The only sock-envy I have would be for Charming Hedonist's socks but that's pretty specific:) These are the exception. They're infused with aloe, are the softest things EVER and promise to make my feet equally so. I can be colorblind if it means I can make a pedicure go one week longer (so...about a month?).

Loves: Went to Lexi's for a much deserved wine and catch up last night and ended up misplacing one of the new earrings I got from Ala over the weekend (much more typical me than the pink fuzzies). She found it in her couch. Fist Pump. AND Marianne, for finding my sanity this afternoon after I misplaced that. At least I know I didn't leave it in Lexi's couch.

Things to Look Forward To: Kitten-shopping on Saturday, Mexico in a week point five and someday getting to dress like Chuck on Pushing Daisies.

Finally, finding the silver lining calls for a pic of my lone-for-now silver earring. And who can guess the title quote? This should go pretty Lightnin'.


Susie said...

Haha duhhh. Grease!

I was using CO Bigelow lipgloss AS I was reading this...vanilla malt shake. Sooo good. Love them all!

adizzlegtk said...

love the blog,love the stories keep um coming,hit me up!!!!

ToKissTheCook said...

Niiice Susie- I knew that one would move. Do you ever feel like our entire generation of girls knows that movie by heart?

Adizz- I can't see your profile!

So@24 said...

I instantly thought of Grease when I read your title...

...I'm still cool right?

Pink ditz said...

Lol I an't imagine someone NOT thinking of Grease lol.

I have to do this What have been up with you lately letter for the fam for christmas, not looking forward.

Those ladies can send gifts to me anytime!

ToKissTheCook said...

So @ 24, I'm afraid we're past the point of being able to call your coolness into question. You've got your star already, now you're just a cool staple.

PD- Proof positive that Grease was not just a mainland phenomenon.