Saturday, December 1, 2007

Winter in Wicker Park- Act 1

I decided to make this Act 1 because my opinion on winter will inevitably change as the season progresses. I say this because right now I am a little giddy. The holidays are here and so is the first snow. Once the snow is crusty and frozen to my windshield, I will have other choice words for it but for now- gorgeous. As someone raised in the South, I chose winter. I chose snow and I chose the contrast in seasons- I feel like it mirrors who I am better than someplace that's kinda the same all year (not requiring both a bathing suit AND an ice pick). Chicago is beautiful in every season but different every time. I spent the afternoon with CVDJ out for lunch, life-translating and shopping/slipping gracelessly in chi-chi boutiques in my new Christmas boots. Lunch was at the Earwax Cafe- a Bucktown/WP staple near the tri-corner and Flat Iron building(we sat in that left corner booth). This is the kind of place that drew me to the neighborhood- eclectic, a little too cool for school (ie highly entertaining for people watching) and good food. C went with a short stack while I branched for the "Messy Burger" which was really quite delicious. A black bean burger= good eating. Who knew??
After we were done feeling broke, we decided to check Kmart for my mini-Christmas tree. I keep going back and forth on the feasability of a real one vs something that is less sustainable in the long run and doesn't smell as good. But HC is an eater and this concerns me. I'll come back to that. What we DID find were some adorable Martha Stewart "Woodland Berry" garlands which, for a 10 spot , neither of us could pass up. The Kmart part of this is that the color on the berries comes off when in contact with liquid. I know this because HoneyCat's licking her lips with annoyance right now and her tongue is maraschino cherry red....the same color as the mysterious spots now in residence on the window sill. Damn cat.I have this vision of my apartment from the outside with little red berries framing the window with a lit-up tree sitting back from it. I have gorgeous evergreens sweeping over the front yard which, I have to say, wear snow beautifully and all in all make for quite the winterscape.Speaking of the holidays...I think this rug is going to be my Christmas gift to my apartment. Saw it featured on Apartment Therapy and it is a steal!

Lastly- a little shout-out to Jamie at Oh! How Lovely because she introduced me to one of my new favorite songs with her Music meme the other day- listening to Sweet Avenue by Jets to Brazil. Time for a cup of Tetley and a good read. In no way do I need to go out in this nastiness tonight:)


Jamie Lovely said...

Aw yay! I love sharing my favorite band with people and having them enjoy it. I'm actually listening to them right now!

Also, I see Earwax practically every other day and have yet to eat there. I even know a guy who works there and have heard nothing but great things about it, why haven't I gone there yet!?

How about this terrible weather? It's so icy and yucky out. Yucky sounds so grade school, but is the perfect word to describe it!

So@24 said...

No pictures of the miniature animals??

ToKissTheCook said...

God J, it's NASTY out. Just miserable to think of doing anything other than type and TiVo. Or maybe the movies!

So@24, based on the menu, unless those animals are tofu- or seitan-based, they're making it up. False advertising but great food. A tree falls in the woods...