Saturday, January 19, 2008

Your Girl Friday

Notes on the Day:

At 6:52 am Friday morning, the end of my workout, DB told me we would end with a martial arts move. "Absolutely!" I say, blotting the sweat, "Wax on?"
"Not quite. "
Now I'm really pumped because clearly I, in all of my incoordinate limby-ness, am about to end my pre-dawn workout with something walking the line between hard core and "the gentle way."
You might be wondering how this panned out. It panned out that I was on my back, arms over my head clinging to a column, tracing the alphabet with my outstretched feet.
"Capital letters, J." says DB.
"Only if J stands for Jackie Chan, poser." says me.
"Of COURSE you can do it twice, Grasshopper. So glad you're enthused."
"(Quietly Grunting from Q onward)" Me

I love these guys. No guff from nobody.

The rest of the day went fairly smoothly considering the early morning and restless sleep. Whenever I have to get up extraordinarily early, I wake up in 15 min increments for two hours before my alarm goes off.

I had two cups of "rocket shock" when I got into the office (this is what Colleague calls it when I'm in charge of making the coffee) and set off on a typing spree, only looking up to steal a couple bites of Colleague's leftover Murg Tikka Masala. By 3pm I was just plain antsy and by 5 I was on my way downstairs.

Now the fatigue was really starting to hit. I had tickets to a great show at Schuba's but had run amuck of the second ticket and couldn't find a new recipient. Bon Iver and the Redwalls at Schuba's had been sold out for weeks but I was exhausted and it was freezing. No worries- I did end up finding a pretty perfect home in the hands of two friends, recently enamored of Bon Iver via Jonk. Recently enamored of each other as well so I felt good about this night of Skinny Love for my dear Caro:)

What did I do? Well I made grilled chicken salads for Abby and I, looked up some movie times and had date night in Logan Square. There is a movie theater straight up Milwaukee from me that has $3 movie tickets. We split Raisinettes and Junior Mints and watched Amy Adams light up Enchanted for a scant $6 . Came home, got into the jams, read my new Domino and hit that bed hard, ready for a slightly later morning.

Now I'm home from the Loft again after listening to another great "Sound Opinions" and wondering how I'm going to be able to laugh without hurting tonight. And Danny, Lisa, Lex and Dave make me laugh a LOT. The embarrassing kind of can't-catch-your-breath, forgot what started it kind of laughing. No alphabet today- today our favorite lineman just threw my legs toward the floor and it was my job to keep them from touching. Yow.

I am off to the store to grab a few last minute things for tonight- pork tenderloin, roasted rosemary potatoes, the crab bites Danny loves, brie cups and braised broccoli rabe. Maybe a surprise for dessert.

Also- it's 2 outside, -10 windchill. In case any of you Californians and Floridians were wondering, we Chicagoans secretly relish these temperatures. It makes us feel extra tough and I can guarantee you that more people will be out and about tonight than t'would be at 29. It's a gigantic Polar Bear Club with extra tall buildings.


Jonk said...

Does Caro comment on here? Caro, how was the show?

On the off chance that TKTC has Milwaukee readership, and on the even off'er chance that such readers see this in the next several hours: Bon Iver is playing at Mad Planet tonight, with tickets still available at a cost of, I believe, just $8 or 9. Check it out...your ears will never be the same.

Amy Adams is the tops.

Susie said...

Brrrr. We're getting your weather here too. I hope Chicago warms up for me next weekend! I met some Californians last night who were trying to convince me that Cali is soo much better than New England. They used the weather for their main reason. And I said, "thanks, but I enjoy the changing of the seasons!"

Caro said...

Jonk, the show was really amazing...thanks for asking and thanks for your site, I like your tunes...I check it often