Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Passing Thoughts

After a lovely catch-up with Sues and more tearsheets (when I am going to find time to make all of this, I do not know), I'm tired. And I have Chester in the morning. In fact I was so tired when I got home tonight that I fell asleep on the couch (which I never do).

And I dreamt. I dreamt that HoneyCat ate the birth control pill I couldn't find when I dropped it under my bed this morning. And that it actually made her pregnant and she had four kittens.

I am equal parts disturbed and elated that this was the dream that arrived from my subconscious at the happening of a missing BC pill.

And the fact remains that it is still missing and she may have eaten it after all.


Susie said...

I didn't go to bed early...oops.

Soo good to catch up with you in voice rather than typing!

Good luck with Chester in the AM :)

Nilsa S. said...

That's a really disturbing dream. Sounds like maybe you have your own Boston meet-up coming soon? So very cool! Work it all out with Chester ... and I still want to hear more! :o)

Joy @ Big Time Fancy said...

In a way, that's kind of a hilarious dream. Who knew anti-people baby pills had the reverse effect on cats!?