Monday, February 4, 2008

A Proper Decorum

These are the long days at the office. Behind every door, a deadline. Behind every email, a new deadline and 9 layout changes. Behind every cup of coffee, an excuse to leave my desk. Doesn't exactly help that the weather in my beloved Chi is ill. The White City has the flu and I spent 90% of the day up in a cloud that was spitting drizzle onto the snowy streets below. The thought of this makes me glad to be busy because the day flies by and soon enough it's 7 or 8 and time to get home to the fuzz.

So welcome to my evening...I made salmon with a honey-mustard glaze, sauteed snap peas with Tamari, ginger and garlic & a little of the neverending couscous. I then sat down with a few things that always put me a sweet mood: Boss's handmedown House Beautifuls, Metropolitan Home, a West Elm catalog and two new blogs to be added to my Google Reader.

I love pulling clips. I got a nice stack tonight that I will scan in for Part II tomorrow but the blogs we can get to immediately. Whipped, a Chicago baking blog, recommended decor8. I think this girl crawled into my heart of homes and took notes. Pantone Chart of Spring 08 Colors by way of decor8. Snorkel Blue and Freesia (I would say Goldenrod) is one of my all-time favorite color combos. Any ideas on incorporating them into my office?

Hmmm, that sounds pretty presumptuous...even for me. For real though, check out her GREEN post today..I'm loving everything about her selections. Holly's got a much keener eye than I do and good taste in OTHER blogs as well. From decor8, I was directed to Creature Comforts (how cute is that for a blog name?) . More heart to heart to love... both of these sites have an eye for the pretty little thing presented in a unique way and I can feel myself loudly slurping up all of their input. They also appear to share my love of a natural, mixed aesthetic.UPDATE: This is a total domino effect (ironic reference to favorite deco mag not originally intended)!! Creature Comforts just directed me to How About Orange (TKTC Note: How about it? It's one of my favorite colors!). And what was the post she directed me to? A Chicago area stop for well-priced vintage modern, Jubilee Furniture in Carol Stream. Sounds like a day trip for next weekend. Someone needs a desk chair that doesn't fold flat. Orange also turned me on to the original reviewer, Barry, who shares my distaste for the ineptly named "Design Within Reach." Go Go Gadget Arms? Who's reach??!
At least I know I can tell the difference between cheap and expensive furniture...92% on knowing the diff. between Donald Judd and Walmart. The fact that I had to think about my answers is reason enough not to make the investment though. How'd you do?

Why isn't it still the weekend so I could just go through archives all day tomorrrow?!
Tarot Cards via

To top off the day, and this will also have a part 2, I had an AWESOME surprise when I was leaving work tonight!! Cole sent me a set of the tarot cards he designed!! I have a shadow box from Molly McG circa 3 years ago that I will be displaying these bad boys in and hanging it above my kitchen sink. I LOVE having art by friends in the house. To draw it out even further, I just like to feel a personal connection to anything in my home. I want it to be in my space for its own intimate reason. Now I've got something beautiful and different to look at in the many hours I spend at that sink, wishing I had a dishwasher.

Bigger question:
Cole originally designed these as his resume (better explained on the site). He is graduating in May and is already that creative and pretty damn talented. Who needs a graphic designer/amazing person? I'll volunteer him to go just about anywhere but extra points if Chicago or Seattle is in the mix! I personally think he would do some kickass concert posters. Any readers from Spike Press?

There is is folks, more tomorrow on the fruits of tonight but in the meantime I need to quit watching this Natalee Holloway stuff and get some sleep. Incredible that people like Joran exist but more so that he's been caught. I know it sounds awful, but I never thought they'd catch a break on this and here it is. All on camera. Absolutely amazing.

I've got my lucky unders laid out for the polls tomorrow morning; some deadlines and coffee breaks to make by lunchtime.

Food for thought- After seeing Jamie's new layout and knowing that the Ex is next...I'm thinking about talking to Cuppycake about a layout an a formal move to the website. Thoughts?


Susie said...

I am completely intrigued by the Natalee Holloway case too. So glad they're finally coming to some conclusions.

And I totally want a Cuppycake design. She does amazinggg work!!

Anonymous said...

After seeing Jamie's new look, I spoke with Cuppycake and got my own! It was installed this morning :) She's so easy to work with and does amazing work. Go for it!

Jamie Lovely said...

I definitely say you should at least talk to Jess about a design. She's great!

Gjelly said...

Ooh, I love Decor8. I used to link to it on my blog, but I don't think I do anymore. Thanks for the reminder. It was from the days when I didn't know about rss feeds and google reader. I'm a little behind...

Nilsa S. said...

Have you looked for any free blogger layouts online? I grabbed one for my wedding blog and really love it. Just a thought if you're interested in changing your look but not key on any of the Blogger-offered layouts. Then again, a design just for you? Oooh, how sexy!

The Ex said...

Oh my, I know. I'm so excited! She's super easy to work with too. Of course I haven't seen what she's doing for me...yet...but we'll see, yes?

ToKissTheCook said...

Sues: Have you seen the footage? Crazy. Thank God for reality television. Never thought I'd say that one! And per the Cuppycake, I'm have HTML Envy.

FF: It looks so cute!!

Jamie: This girl is getting crazy great recs.

GJelly:You're such the DIY girl lately...I can't wit to see the finished pics from your bathroom!

Nilsa: At the moment I'm thinking I will be sitting on my couch tonight with a Hurricane, watching primary results come in and making a Ransome note style Header for To Kiss the Cook. Nothing says sexy like Mod Podge.

Ex: When does it launch? I'll keep an eye out!

studiosmith said...

Thanks for the link. If you have any questions about jubilee, email me at I really appreciate the link. If you stop there let them know Barryblog sent ya!