Monday, March 3, 2008

Penne with Wild Mushrooms (And TKTC Contest #1)

The Original- Cooking Light, October 2007

I was going to get sushi. Then I took stock of my fridge and realized there was a lot more than wine in there (although, admittedly, when I opened the door I had tunnel-vision du vin). So I looked back through my tearsheets and found a real winner that didn't require me to spend any money or leave the house. The recipe for success, if you will. I'll warn you now...I am in an odd mood. Part exhausted, part giddy, part buzzed, part rando and a few other parts too, I'm sure.

I did not feel like going out to buy a leek so I chopped up the bottom of some green onion I had in the fridge. They're relatives- it definitely worked. Sauteed in 1 TB of butter and 1 TB of EVOO. 2 tsp of chopped fresh sage added once onions transluscent.

Add wild mushrooms and saute till liquid has evaporated. I may have added a splash of extra liquid in the form of some white wine I was sipping on. Then: Half & Half in a Cooking Light recipe??? Apparently everything in moderation...very pretty color contrast although my computer cam doesn't do it justice. That's right...I angled my Macbook around the kitchen to get all of these shots. While singing One Trick Pony by Nelly Furtado. Living Alone: 2 points.

I am definitely feeling every ounce of this picture. I'M DONE! I'M IN SWEATPANTS! I HAVE WINE AND MY HOUSE SMELLS GREAT! YESSSSSSS!

Did I mention that my house smells incredible right now? Don't mean to gloat but...whoa.

Ta-DAMN...that does not taste Cooking Light in the least. And I only have one pan to scrub! (pasta pots are nothin) It's nice to be home and not eating junk food all the time. Although the swag is nice and currently making me giggle nervously if we're going to be honest...

I have three bottles of this shampoo. So here is the first contest...if you can guess what this bottle reminds me of, I will send you one. It is Life Solutions shampoo by Alterna. Hint: The reminiscent item can be a beautiful thing but isn't generally considered part of the beauty industry. This X factor is more of an XXX factor. Someone else has to see this.

Or am I just overtired, two glasses of wine in and needing to find mischief this weekend?
Bon Chance either way.


Heather said...

If you are thinking vibrator, then I am seeing what you are seeing. Otherwise I just have a dirty mind.

Jessica Joan said...

I was thinking bottle-o-lubricant?? Even if I'm wrong can I still get a prize?

PS. Sage always makes me think of you. Damn! I need to visit!

Nilsa S. said...

I'm laughing at Heather's comment because my mind went there. And then I saw Jessica's comment and bam, there you go. Lubricant. Duh!

BTW- that dinner looked awesome!

Bogart in P Towne said...

Digg'n the food...saw some of your comments over at Charming Hedonist...hope you don't mind me dropping by!

Thanks for the ideas on I cooked dinner and how it turned out will have to become an addition.

Oh yea, and what heather said!

camille said...

Agree with Jess... bottle of lubricant haha!!!

L Sass said...

That is clearly a vibrator. Good subliminal messaging, people. Life Solutions shampoo will -ahem- make you very happy.

ToKissTheCook said...

Heather- We are like-minded. If dirty happens to be the default, then so be it. I am definitely seeing a vibrator here. Send your address, I will send some shampoo. Batteries Not Included:)

Jess- Ok, I could totally see that too. I'm have a little pile of things to send you anyway so I'll find a little something to throw in the box:) And in makes me very happy to be thought of as sage- the taste, the color, the texture and the double entendre:)

Nilsa: I can see both now but tulip carries the original inspiration;) No word on the show but I'll see you in university village!

Bogart: Welcome...we definitely share good company! And I'm interested to see what you come up with. California (avocadoes...yum) mixed with some of the incredible bounty in in Virginia come Spring. I expect great things so I'm adding you to my reader.

Cam: The fact that it's coming from you makes my day. I'm laughing out loud right now.

Sass: Damn straight, it's water cooler marketing. Certainly started, ahem, heated conversation.

So@24 said...

Look how happy you are in that pic!

Anonymous said...

Was definitely seeing the vibrator here....dirty, dirty girls.

Oh and I am coming over for dinner before you run out of groceries.

Molly McGuffin said...

I guessed vibrator before I had even finished reading the XXX factor comment!! And let's chalk my late response up to the overseas factor! You had to take into account a 7-hour time difference, as well as the fact that I get legit internet access one afternoon a week! And I'm having trouble updating my blog with Greece folies because I keep getting distracted by yours!! Muuacck!