Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Potential Energy

Priority Mail: These all went out this afternoon!

I spent a lot of the day today thinking about potential. Workwise, I was thinking about new clients and old clients. Both are in places to take off should a few new ideas take hold. The new client is of particular interest to me at the moment because it's something new for me and the line relates strongly to something I'm passionate about (skin-protection, nourishment etc).

But in the pause spots between releases and drafts, I thought about my friends and I thought about myself. I have four very good friends right now, totally unrelated to each other, who are on the cusp of these beautifully big things in their lives. Tremendous opportunities that run the full gamut and I will share each in turn as they come to fruition. Because I've got no doubt that they will and I'm thrilled for them. Seriously, the last few weeks have had me giving little yips of excitement after emails and phone calls! They've always been superstars to me but things are starting to happen and, well, one more cryptic yay and I'll move on. YAY!!

Then there's me. In a lot of ways I feel like I've been makin it happen on the health front in particular. After 7 weeks in the gym, I have muscle again. I feel strong again. The shape of my body has changed and it feels amazing.

However, it's time to step it up one more notch. While my body fat % has moved down fairly steadily, my weight has not. Now one is a much better indicator of health than the other so I know I'm getting SOMETHING done but there's room to improve now that I've kicked it off strong.

Blunt Bottom Line: There is a KICKASS body underneath a few stubborn layers and the time for complacency is long gone. I've gotten this far, Turbo drive can take it from here.

I need to get all this potential energy into the realm of kinetic. Any all motivation is perfectly encouraged!


Susie said...

You're doing awesome! I was just having a convo with my sister about this actually. She's been going to the gym like crazy for the last 6 months, doing personal training sessions, etc. She feels good about herself but has gained like 7 lbs. in the past year. wtf. Very frustrating!

Joining a gym is #1 on my to-do list for when I get a "job."

Anyway, 2 days!!! Don't even think about trying to lose weight while you're in Boston because Chels is making lemon bars and I am bringing you a cupcake from Party Favors. And you aren't allowed to say no.

Nilsa S. said...

I think your focus is fabulous. You are taking care of your body in the right way, too. I'm going to see "Chester" tomorrow to see whether this could be a solution to get me down the aisle looking the way I want. Also, summer? Here in Chicago? Can we say biking/running/walking outside. All the time? Why not pick a night or two per week to walk home from work?

L Sass said...

Isn't it wonderful to see good friends take off and do great things in their lives? It makes me so happy!

And the gym is so frustrating. I barely change 5-7 pounds when I'm fit v. out of shape, but my body looks totally different! I'm sure that if you kick up the cardio you will begin seeing the awesomeness below! Most people don't even make it 7 weeks! You've done so well already.

Cheryl said...

It sounds like you're doing great to me! Not to mention that I don't think it looked like there was work to be done.. Just saying.

d said...

first of all you're hot.

second of all...gimme a girl who's working her butt off and titling posts after nuclear physics terminology and DAMN that's hot.

three: okay those were the same sentiment.

ToKissTheCook said...

Sues: You are going to have to roll me out of the apartment. But I'm bringing "travel-friendly" treats as well:)

Nilsa: Let me know how it goes with Chester, Ron & DB!! I was just there this morning! And more likely to walk to the gym than work...there's a lot of Cabrini in my commute.

Sass: Thanks! I need to kick out the bad eating. The problem is that I don't eat just "Drek"... I eat really good crap and expect it not to have an impact because it's "made from scratch" or "organic." False. BUT the good news is that it can be done. And there's anough positive energy floating around that I feel good about doing it. Also, keep an eye on your mailbox ;)

Cheryl & D: 1) You're great. For real.
2) I do feel good, no joke. I just have the goal and the motivation to do a bit better.
3) But thanks anyway, cause that was nice and I strutted a little for the remainder of the day.

Nilsa S. said...
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