Monday, March 31, 2008

TKTC: On Tour-esque

"Learning the mandolin" at Sound Check in Madison. Ha.

I am relatively discreet about the Kissing portion of To Kiss the Cook. I have gradually become more and more visible and there were gray areas to be had between real life and the blogosphere.

So early on I owe you an apology for only giving you some of the story. This time it's not because I'm so afraid to talk about it but because this is a rare occasion when I feel like keeping certain secrets trumps "the story" and it's a way to honor a great couple days.

Lucky for me, lots of bloggers have been making their way to the Hotel Cafe Tour and Saturday/Sunday nights were no exception. Jonk alerted me to mutual friend Shelley's recap of Saturday night's show in Madison (we probably chatted at the merch. table- hilarious) and there were three fabulous Chicago bloggers at the Park West last night so I am going to defer to their experiences and take a few extra days in the private afterglow if you don't mind:)

Highlight: Dan Wilson, my new favorite musician/person, covering Annie's Song with Jaimeson. Dan's been around awhile onstage (lead singer of Semisonic) and he's been writing (the Dixie Chick's last Grammy winner) but I can't say I was very aware of him till this weekend. So good. Good person, good music. Aside from an impeccable John Denver cover, his album Free Life is a great pick-up. Breathless particularly. They did a beautiful job on one of my favorite songs and I'm not so secretly hoping it somehow gets recorded exactly that way.

Thanks for putting up with a rather inconsistent recap. After 3 days of close to all-nighters, I'm pretty beat but it's Monday again and I have to snap out of it. I feel really lucky though. How often do great weekends have a live soundtrack?


~Angela~ said...

Dan Wilson rocks my socks.

Nilsa S. said...

Girl, sounds like you had one fabulous weekend! By the way, did you say you like Dan Wilson? You weren't exactly clear. ha!

Jenn said...

This was hands down one of my favorite concerts. I wouldn't have known about it if it weren't for you so thanks! And thanks for taking our pictures last night :D

ToKissTheCook said...

Angela: Ha- clearly mine too! I've been listening to Breathless all morning. Also, there was a lot of whiskey involved in my evening. An evening I likely would not have survived had it not been for your generosity with veggie club table scraps. THANKS!

Nilsa: Yeah, I'm now a bit of a rabid fan. I didn't realize that I'd mentioned him 4-5 separate times in this post till just now. Whoops- I'm not taking any of them down though:)

Jenn: I can't wait to see how your pics turned out since I will have to wait to finish my DISPOSABLE CAMER to see mine...I'm also really glad y'all loved the show!!!

L Sass said...

I didn't realize that Dan Wilson was still out there--shows what I know.

All I have to say is: GO MN!

I love that story about Annie's Song. What a classic!! I, of course, think that coincidence means that you and J. are meant 2 be 2gether 4ever.

ToKissTheCook said...

Sass: Go MN indeed. I'm hearing they did Annie's Song again in Minneapolis last night for Dan's hometown show. If I come across a video of it, I will definitely post it!

brookem said...

hello! i've heard of you over at nilsa's digs, and finally made my way over here!

i went to the hotel cafe tour in boston (loved it!)... were you at that one? no dan wilson there, bummer!

Chardsy said...

Whiskey cocktails and pajamas are a killer combo.

I am meeting my first fellow blogger this week and I can't wait!

ToKissTheCook said...

Well hi BrookEm! I hang out at Nilsa’s a bunch as well- one of my favorite places☺
Oh Boston- my second favorite city. I was there about a week too early for the show but my brother went as my proxy. And I’m sorry you had to miss Dan but jealous that you had Priscilla Ahn…Pfunk is one of my favorites and a definite up and comer!

Chard: Well, yeah. Add a dash of Tina Fey and if that’s what makes a rockstar lifestyle, I can handle it. I don’t get the impression it’s always so tame though… I need to do some HW and figure out who you get to hang out with! It’s obviously been a lot of fun for me.

Cheryl said...

I saw Semisonic back in college and Dan Wilson was pretty amazing even then.

Shelley said...

Wow, it took me a week to head on over to your blog... but I'm here and I've already RSS-ed you to my Google Reader. Thanks for the tag!

Dan Wilson is awesome and like L Sass said, "Go MN!" When I have more money I'm definitely going to purchase his album... I've already played the songs featured on his myspace page multiple times.

ToKissTheCook said...

Cheryl- I wish I could claim to have been aware of his awesomeness earlier but alas, "Chemistry," "Closing Time" and "TNT" were all I knew of Dan Wilson till last weekend.

Shelley- No problem and I've added you to my reader as well! Breathless is definitely my MySpace song. I really need to give it a break but I just can't seem to help myself.