Sunday, November 30, 2008

By Example

*Pop Pop (Dad's Dad) took these portraits of my parents for their engagement announcement. After a weekend of sorting through all KINDS of old photos, I still walk away thinking of these. They were 34 years old when these were taken. The fact that my parents didn't rush into getting married or having kids (Dad was 37/39, Mom was 36/38 for us) keeps me from ever having felt panicked or rushed.

It happens differently for everyone and while I do have several friends whose parents married young and are still happily married, most days I'm just happy that my parents knew who they were as individuals and what they needed/wanted out of life before committing full-time to someone else.

I'm 25. I'm happy. I'm in no rush but I'm not wandering aimlessly through the forest either (most of the time). I think that's the best gift they could have given me- a good example.

*Speaking of Pop Pop and excellent examples in aging, I suggest you hop over to his blog. As only Pop Pop can, his latest post compares making great coffee to great sex. 89 years old and apparently still well-versed in both. Oh, and I'm thinking he loves comments so please confirm the level of awesome if you are so moved.This photo (New Year's 2001?) was what got me thinking about the timing. In the south it's more common for people to get married on the younger side- there are 22 people in this photo and over half of them are now engaged, married or married with kids. I can't confirm 5 of the remaining one way or another.

And before you ask, I don't know what I'm wearing. A hot pink, leopard print, velour halter top and fake eyelashes, apparently. Better question may be why we decided to coordinate dances to "Spice Up Your Life"(2000) "Can't Fight the Moonlight"(2001) but maybe that's better left unaddressed beyond saying it was insanely fun at the time.


Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

My parents married at 19 and are still happily marries 35+ years later, but they waited 11 years to have kids. They claim that's the secret. :)

Shanti said...

hi, can we just hang out and make/eat food and laugh hysterically over bizarre similarities including the culinary list and dance moves to the theme song for coyote ugly? thanks. :) my parents were 22 when they got married and 23 when they had me. i can see how that has shaped the people they've become, good and bad, and i can also see how they worry because i'm not following that same path. oops.

nicoleantoinette said...

Wow you look so much like your mom! Gorgeous ladies :)