Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Salute: An Ode to an Oven

Tonight's post is a formal and proper send-off to my rickety old oven. Born sometime in the neighborhood of 1967, I can only but imagine the casseroles and cakes he's seen in his day and I'm proud that a good number of those were built by me. At 20 inches long, he's not exactly a powerhouse and with no door left on the broiler, poor boy's gotten even more limited with age.

You know what, though? For all of the oven temperature and cook time guessing games, the little old man did pretty well by me. I mean, I write a food blog and have only written this food blog since living in this apartment and while I don't feel the need to link to all of them now, that oven has worked hard for TKTC. Particularly when it comes to pie, as you may have guessed.

Sure, it's constantly hot to touch, the stains are permanent, the pilot light goes out at least once a month and there are only High and Medium High stovetop settings before the burners go out completely but we've had some good times and I wish him well.

Which is why I'm glad I won't need to be here when it's time for the old man to take that final trip out back. When I come home tomorrow, I will have a new (to me) 20 incher in that one's place and I've got just the pie to christen it with....stay tuned for a Sweet Potato Pie recipe tomorrow (based loosely on this) and cheers to many happy memories and many new adventures!


Anonymous said...

Oh congrats on the new oven!! Does it have all the features you want on it? Do you rent or own....hopefully the price didn't have to come out of your pocket.

TKTC said...

Thanks! I'm excited to see how she runs, what she looks like! And I definitely rent, and from a very sweet landlord at that. She even loves the HC!

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

Oh man! I want a new oven! Is it not normal for them to only have high and medium-high settings before the burners go out? Damn!

elle michelle said...

Awww, how exciting!