Thursday, February 19, 2009

Till Tomorrow, I Give You Crabs

Another Vlog day has come and gone and I was in the airport conserving precious laptop energy for most of it. I've just returned from a longer, beloved LA adventure and there is much to report/ 7-9 lbs to lose. Till I can get it together, I will offer a sneak peak into the night after Valentine's Day (which we spent eating brie, drinking raspberry champagne cocktails and attempting to watch Season 1 of the Muppet Show in our bathrobes).

The night after V Day was spent with four of Jaimeson's best friends from college at a dinner party in Hancock Park. The tradition is for J' friend Todd to buy fresh dungeness crabs in Chinatown, cook them and then the group dismantles them with light sauces and wine. Count me in! The crabs, one in particular, were not quite as enthused. Voici:

Todd vs. Crab from ToKissTheCook on Vimeo.

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Brian Kliman said...

I like this, ALOT!