Friday, September 18, 2009

Renegade Breakfast

Renegade Breakfast
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Cobey and Ellie came over for a light breakfast on the perfect day that was the Renegade Craft Fair last weekend. This is the time of year when I enjoy eating in the garden the most. It's clear and bright and hot coffee with croissants and egg cups is perfectly appropriate.

On to the food and as I failed to take pictures of my Renegade treasures, I encourage you to visit Dearest Inez, Circle Street and Urban Posture on Etsy!

Egg cups: I've raved about these before but if you're having people over, there's nothing easier. A thin slice of baguette in the bottom of a lightly buttered ramekin, veggies (we did diced tri-color peppers, spinach and baby bellas), cheese (goat gets perfectly creamy), season, crack on egg on top and season again. Bake at 375 for 15 minutes or until the whites of the egg have gone at least opaque. Donezo.

Mixed Berries: Rinse berries, 1 TB raw sugar (stir), juice from 1/2 a lemon, stir and serve. A zinger of a counterpoint balancing those savory egg cups.

Croissants: Favorite shortcut discovery of the last few months. I really try to make as much as possible from scratch. That's probably apparent and at least one reader (Hi Mom!) thinks I'm crazy. That said, frozen mini croissants from Trader Joe's are so good that I think I'll have a hard time improving on them. Take your frozen nuggets out of the fridge and place them a few inches apart on a lightly buttered baking sheet. Leave them overnight. Upon the rooster call? Fully risen soft croissants. Dash an egg wash over the top, bake and enjoy the flaky fresh perfection.

Infomercial over if you were fast-forwarding.

This entry? Consider it my call to be friends on Flickr if we're not already. I was a latecomer to this place and it brings me much joy.


lovesfool said...

This looks delicious and I HATE breakfast.
I bought a shirt from Urban Posture last weekend.

TKTC said...

Noticing that the topics I tend to post on the MOST are brunches. Quickly became my favorite meal to entertain with. And I bought a clock from Urban Posture- such sweethearts they were!

Laurel said...

I'm totally trying those egg cups--sound delicious! I bought a long-sleeve tee at Renegade last weekend ... it is the best street fair!

TKTC said...

Laurel- It is no doubt THE best of the street festivals. Best food, best music and worst on my wallet...I wanted everything. I'm sorry I didn't run into you!

Janine said...

Hi sweet thing. My comment is not about this post. No it's that I thought of you over the weekend when your song came on the radio and I was singing along with you to Total Eclipse of the Heart, loving every second as I passed field after field of corn and soy along the byways of Ohio.

It also reminded me of these fine artists performing your tune.
Thanks for making my road trip more fun.


stacy di said...

hope you had fun at renegade...I was there too...

I hadn't seen your egg cup post before...they look yummy! I'll have to try it...

TKTC said...

Janine: I'm not sure what the appropriate response here is other than you made my weekend and I read this aloud to Jason last night while giggling. I'm amused/horrified that there are those who now here my personal version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" in their heads when it comes on the radio.

Stacy Di: I think we need to start coordinating when you adventure into the city as we show up at similar places (Renegade, Blitzen Trapper). I'm thinking about a field trip to Salvage One in October. Thoughts?

stacy di said...

I'm totally up for Salvage that place, and haven't been in a while...just let me know!!