Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In Your Honor

In your honor, I made myself a cheese plate for lunch. As proof that I do have a modicum of self control (if we're being generous), this is what was left and then I even shared. The things I your honor.

Are you wondering what you had to do with this? Confusion is, no doubt, the first symptom of cheese-deprivation which I don't find to be taken seriously enough by American society. You should really have some. The options in my current possession are comte` and leonora, a divine Spanish goat concoction, both courtesy of the comprehensive and charming cheese shop that is cruelly on my way to the train from work, Pastoral.

I have created this dejeuner tribute to you because when I asked about your favorite foods? Just about everyone said cheese. I've known cheese to turn vegan friends veggie. To turn frowns upside down. I've espoused my love of sharp cheddar and brie in the past but have I mentioned appenzeller? Gruyere? You would be hard-pressed to find a cheese not beloved by me.

Now that does not mean I run around eating it every day. No, much like lox, I save up my tastebuds for the good stuff and then I whittle away at it like the city/country mouse that I am. Today I do so while giving a little curtsy in your general direction while wearing a brightly patterned purple polyester dress.

And speaking of things done in honor, I have a favor. A favor that will likely mortify one or more persons but they are used to being in the spotlight so I'm going to just put this out there.

Jason/Jaimeson is going to be on Ellen on Monday, playing guitar alongside the incomparable Angel Taylor.

I used a period to end that sentence because my cheesemongering self did not feel professional punctuating a bolded sentence with "!!!!!!**?!!!!?!*." Lines in the sand.

Check your local listings and hit RECORD please. I hope he wears his Chucks and does a little dance with Ellen, whom I adore. He's done some pretty cool TV before but for whatever reason, this strikes me as especially fantastic. Also, if you click Angel's link, you can see their tour dates. And if they go to your city, I expect you to attend and attend enthusiastically. Also, please remember that he is a professional in the wild and he responds favorably to baked goods. Okay, girlfriend infomercial over. For now.

Also, I'll be having kale and quinoa for dinner. In my honor. Because moderation.


elle michelle said...

1. Cheese plate! Okay, THAT may be in my top 10.

2. On Monday!? I cannot wait!! I am setting my DVR right now.

3. Per your last post, Thursday is fabulous. I can run out during the day so just tell me what to get besides maybe a few more bottles of wine.

Shelley said...

I'll find a way to watch Ellen on Monday. That's exciting!

I heart cheese, as well. I couldn't resist buying a cheese board at the bar on Saturday night. Brie (my fave), sharp cheddar, pepperjack, smoked gouda, and a wine cheese spread. Delish.

Linda - one scoop at a time said...

Cool! I'll be sure to record Monday's Ellen show.

And I'm sure you can influence him to wear those Chucks.

TKTC said...

EM- See you tomorrow:)

Shelley- YAY! I will tell him that our favorite astronomer will be in the audience, per se.

Linda- Per the influence, it doesn't take much. He'll throw those Chucks on for less than pie. Truth be told though, he does have a number of attractive shoe possibilities.

We Are Not Martha said...

Cheese plates are the BEST. Any time of day.

I will OBVIOUSLY be watching Ellen. So excited for Jamieson!!