Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Two Years of TKTC and an Extra Credit Opportunity

Oh goodnight. I just about ran right through my two year blogiversary. I feel like Internet years work a little like dog years because so much has changed since then. Mostly me and mostly as a direct result of this little site's existence (career, romance, friends, travel, pastry skillz).

I don't much know what to say on such a momentous occasion. I had something and then forgot it. It was going to be profound and moving yet levitous. Blame the Mucinex.

I'm fighting off a flick of sick but tonight, in honor of cell phone pictures and not-quite-boyfriends and concerts and first-real-jobs and health kicks and butter kicks and Mary Tyler Moore moments and HoneyCat and pies that spring eternal and dinner parties that go well into the morning, I will cook. In honor of the beginning.

I am making matzoh ball soup and a mushroom spinach quiche. I will toast to you with warm apple cider spiked with Emergen-C and cat hair on my apron. Maybe I'll put on some lipstick.

Extra Credit: If you're at all interested...I've been cataloging food photos on Flickr. I'm thinking about changing the look up around here and that will require me to choose a few for a new banner. If you find one you like...one that looks like what you've come to know as the tasty, flighty, zippy, messy pile of frizzy affection at To Kiss the Cook...would you leave a link to it in the comments?


Rachel said...

I don't even like toffee and I want some of this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tokissthecook/3406278550/in/set-72157616156986667/

LOVE these colors http://www.flickr.com/photos/tokissthecook/3900280963/

I want to dive face first into this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tokissthecook/3784046446/

That's all for now because I'm making myself hungry

Laurel said...

First of all, congrats on two years! I've really enjoyed reading your blog the past few months and look forward to more kitchen adventures! Now, on to business ...

This is a helluva good-looking, fresh-from-the-oven, warm, melty chocolate chip cookie.

And since I'm always a sucker for cake, in particular one stuffed with luscious lemon between its layers, this one, too:

Lori aka A Cowboy's Wife said...

Congrats! I can't believe you've been blogging for 2yrs. WOOHOO

I have to say, you truly inspire me. To watch you with food and speak of it, well...it's just clear that you are a true passionate foodie. So happy to know you and I wish you & your blog a long healthy life;)

Are you gonna put any with you?? I like this one http://www.flickr.com/photos/tokissthecook/3405540045/in/set-72157616156986667/ :)

As far as food, http://www.flickr.com/photos/tokissthecook/3540047549/in/set-72157616156986667/






Maris said...

OKay I like this one because it's SUCH a small-apartment-kitchen-in-your-20s...spices and olive oil everywhere, cookbook precariously balanced:


This is priceless as well but I in no way mean that I think it should be immortalized in your banner:

I will take one bowl of this and one spoon, whatever it is and I don't care if that's gross:



Also cute:

Congrats on your blogaversy! And yes, internet years = dog years. Maybe even more.

Sandy said...

Oh yum, and yum!

Happy 2 yrs!

kat said...

Happy blogiversary, you sly devil. I adore you in all mediums, of course, but the blogging-you has always made me want to take up residence in your kitchen/abduct your cat/lick the computer screen. Don't you dare go anywhere.

Extra credit: I am extremely partial to the egg-cauldron photo series. In the pre-bake shot they look like small, captured suns. Yum-suns.

RebeccaC said...

Hurray, Hurrah, Mazelfoff and more. You are my kindred spirit as matzo balls were on our menu last night until a 9pm arrival home turned them into wonton soup from Yu Choy. But tonight I shal matzo in your honor.

As for pics, I still dream of that delish BLT-on-pretzel in the garden you gifted me this past June. A visual reminder would be most appreciated.

Ashley said...

Lady - when I think of you, I think of amazing pies. They must be incorporated somewhere on this glorious blog of yours. I mean does this not SCREAM YUM?!?!? http://www.flickr.com/photos/tokissthecook/3660732711/in/set-72157616156986667/

Congratulation on two years, you're posts, recipes and stories are in two words fabulous and inspiring. Cheers :)

TKTC said...

Rachel- I love that I can hear you making these recommendations in my head. "I want to dive face first into this one." Cracking up. Thanks for looking :)

Laurel- Thank you so much for reading!!! It's been such a blast to have an offline friend checking in online!

Lori- Yeah...I leave the being IN pictures to you rockstars but I could negotiate changing my profile shot. The others? I can't believe you took the time to go through all those!!! Thank you!!

Maris- Thank you so much for going-to-town on my Flickr account. I loved the re-do on In Good Taste and am using it as inspiration to step away from the blog template and step up my game. Also- your MUST? One of my favorites too. Though it keeps growing.

Sandy- Thanks!

Kat- Sometimes I get comments that I want to include in their own separate posts. Both for vanity and sheer entertainment value. "I am extremely partial to the egg-cauldron photo series. In the pre-bake shot they look like small, captured suns. Yum-suns," would be one of those comments. In fact, several of them would be yours.

RCA- Oh I think the BLT is in the mix for sure. I didn't recreate that one for the rest of the summer and I've no idea why not as I loved it and we all ate heartily that day. Per the matzoh, don't make my same mistake. I tried to shortcut by cooking the balls in my chicken broth. All that leads to is extra salty balls. True story.

Ashley- Thanks lady! That's definitely one of the better pie shots but I'm excited to see your Michigan cherry pie pictures since you're online now too!

cityretreat said...

I looooove mazto ball soup, ate it for years before I realized it's tie to my moms Jewish upbringing. It is the PERFECT remedy for a cold. Get well and congrats on 2 yrs in the blogsphere. You are lightyears ahead of us all.

TKTC said...

CityRetreat- Another half-Jew! I love coming across others, only in my case it's on my Dad's side and I wasn't raised in it. I WAS raised with a deep appreciation of everything bagels with lox, a great deli and matzo ball soup. Everything expressed through food. Is there anywhere in our neighborhood I can get it to go? Easy enough to make but sometimes...