Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Brother Beloved

Today my brother turns 25. Sometimes I forget exactly how close in age we are. Probably because I spent at least 15 years trying to act MUCH older. Older sisters. You know how this goes, yes? Particularly that bossy, hot-tempered, busybody breed. {sigh}

The older we've gotten, though, the more any imagined gap has closed. We've settled into our lives and into ourselves in similar ways. Going to shows, going to airports, going to dinner. Music, Travel, Food. The stacking order may change but it's the same sandwich.

In the last year I've come to realize even more that while, yes, he is my brother and I love him for that, he's also just quality. Sans familial ties, I'd love to have him around for brainstorms or writing projects at the office. I know him to be great company for last minute concert tickets or a trip to the movies. He's just that friend you want to have around. I'm still hoping at some point our locational lines will cross again but in the meantime we pass songs and stories back and forth, happy for the news and the tip-off.

In that vein, we've recently taken on a small project for the holidays based around a mutual sandwich component. One of my favorite music sites asked me to contribute to the annual compendium and, as Brother is frequently my resource for all things new and fantastic, we're going to co-write a few tracks for Jonk's Top 100. Sounds about right to me.

Happy Birthday, Brother- I hope you have a peaty scotch and a baked good in your near future!


nicoleantoinette said...

Lovely. Happy Birthday to your (very handsome) brother!

Doniree said...

I definitely know how that goes! I'm less than a year older than my sister and I'm STILL the big sister. She will always be my LITTLE sister, nevermind that we're 26 and 25. Totally get it. Happy Birthday to your bro!

Maris said...

Aww, nice post! Love this line: " The stacking order may change but it's the same sandwich." Don't be surprised if I steal it someday.

TKTC said...

Nic- I will pass along the message...he is rather dashing, right?

Doniree- 17 months apart. Adult siblings are the best.

Maris- I'm fine with being quoted. Part of the path to glory. Though when I think about "glory" the first thing that comes to mind is being able to make my own croissants which is almost totally unrelated.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Happy birthday to him! He's cute!!

Alexa said...

Love this... as an older sister who lost her little brother five years ago, made me sad but also glad that I had him for the 22 years I did...

ps - Hot-tempered, bossy and busy-bodied are three adjectives that perfectly described my older sister style. :)

TKTC said...

Chels: He is going to be delighted when he eventually happens upon the comments here and finds that some of the Internet's loveliest women think he's good-lookin. I will show him all the pretty pictures. And probably bring up Eleanor.

Alexa: So many deep breaths on this one. That accounts for the extra squeeze when I see him next week.

That said, I think if there were a study on sibling make-up of PR girls, we would be trend leaders. A lot of older sisters by both blood and association round these parts.