Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wicked Vegetable Update

It's been three weeks since the soil first got tilled and we have already come a long way. While there's still a good month of patience ahead for any harvest beyond herbs, I look around the garden every morning and every night...there is always something new.
This little Thessaloniki tomato being the biggest news in new things. He is going to get big and red and heavy. He is soaking in the rain and the sunshine and all the sweetness available. I am quite protective of my lone tomato.

This is an eggplant. Err...this will be an eggplant.

Beets. And that also means beet greens.

The tomatoes are starting to grow up onto the trellis built for them and I'm hoping the zucchini and cucumber will see what a wonderful idea that is and try it out for themselves.

So far the only seed that hasn't consistently come up is the carrots. I will try again but I'm thrilled with the butternut squash, zucchini and cucumber. Send recipes...I'm going to need them. The garden is a totally new kind of joy for me. You'd already know that if you heard my pep talk to it yesterday morning.

Maybe not the best idea to admit to talking to the plants on the Internet. You won't commit me till the first frost, right?


freckleonthenose said...

Wow, I had no idea that eggplant looks so flower-like when it grows.

And that little green tomato is so cute. I can practically smell the fresh veggie scent!

Fuji Mama said...

Ooooooh, beet greens! You're making me wish that I had planted some beets this year. I LOVE beet greens. If yours suddenly disappear, it wasn't me!

Shannon said...

I am jealous to the core; I have blooms on my tomato plants but no tomatoes yet.

TKTC said...

Freckle: I am very much learning about eggplants as I go...I find them delicious but I've never been in the vicinity of their growth. Now tomatoes? Their leaves do smell like summer.

Fuji Mama: If some of my beet greens disappear and there is a plate of lemon marscapone cream puffs on my kitchen table, I assure you that I won't ask any questions.

Shannon: That is the very first for me. Now I am impatiently awaiting blooms on the rest of the tomato plants. Waiting is hard.

Shannon said...

Just got a couple little tomatoes on my plant the day after I ranted about my jealousy....hmmm does that mean that whining occasionally pays off?! ;-)

Kelly said...

I already wrote up a post for wednesday that is similarly focused on my talking to and about my plants. I may even admit that I regularly update my mother about him. So-so jealous of all your space. I'm already thinking I want to plant more next year and see how much I can do while still container gardening. :-)

Jon Dockston said...

be patient with the carrots! the seeds take a while to germinate. and when they come up they look like weeds--so be careful when you starting pulling 'em out.

Rachel said...

YUM! I'm quite envious!

YAY Jessi!