Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Divine Katch-Up

Catching up with old friends always ends up reminding me of some of my favorite things. I got to chit with an old favorite last night- Miss Kelli Kim of San Francisco, formerly of Chicago and more formerly of Kappa Kappa G.

I can't tap the discretion of the call itself but I CAN share with you a few things she reminded me of. Thanks WestCoast!!!
a) How awesome Active Endeavors is:

b) How obsessed I am with the movie "The Lives of Others" and while I'm raving on movies, you should see Broken English and Paris Je T'aime. But prioritize Lives of Others because it's incredible and may/ should win another Oscar (not possible but it did take Best Foreign Language Film this year).You can check out other quality movies of this ilk at your local theater. Living just down the street from mine is on a very short list of things I miss now that I'm a Wicker Witch of the West. Which may or may not be my Halloween costume so don't go near it.

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erin said...

going through your archives :)

i think i posted something similar when i moved out here. i loved living right down the street from the landmark.