Thursday, October 11, 2007


It's cold this morning in Chi, so let's start pretty.
This photo was taken by sorority sister and fellow Vanderbud Kat McLellan outside of Taos, NM recently. She's got quite the eye, no? Clyle, I am totally going to call you out and say we expect great things from you in Denver as well. And I don't just mean at ski school.

To wax interior design for a minute, I love birch. I love white branches on dark mantles at Christmas and I like every other kind of birch for now. I got lucky and had mom in town last weekend and GUESS what we found at Target (I know you are just chomping at the bit)...I'd feel bad lying to you so I will come out and say it. This candle looks perfect in my living room.

Update: Another kind of Burch that I love...

Tory Burch


Emily said...

absolutely loving the blog! Keep em' coming J! xoxo

Jessi Is said...

Awww- thanks Peeps! I may actually stalk one of your CO pics soon so stay tuned:)