Sunday, October 14, 2007

Good Afternoon from Mt Rainier

There is so much more to come but this morning was one of the most beautiful 4 hours that I can remember. In the same category as Vernazza, St Maxime, Sitges and, of course, Eastham, MA:) We got some beautiful shots (like the one above) and I'm excited to share documentation of a fall day running up trails for waterfalls, catching mist in valleys, etc. I have fallen in love with this part of the country- the fall foliage has been spectacular and as my first time genuinely ON a mountain, Mt Rainier didn't disappoint. In fact, Mt. Rainier set a higher standard than I could even consider holding other large rocks to.Again, MUCH more later but for now, a pic from Pop to prove that I can in fact be quite outdoorsy. I even had a fleece vest! The sun was bright and there was so much snow on the peak that we were focusing on the perfect reflection in the water because it was easier to catch the detail. And no, I'm not high.

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