Sunday, October 14, 2007

But I Digress...

Special thanks should now go out to Miss Tina Lee for honoring her word and sending me some photos from two weeks ago when she was in from Minneapolis. You will now get the short summary for each image.This is Brian, the manager/drummer for Blitzen Trapper. Wild Mountain Nation has been my fall anthem this year and I know of them thanks to Cam, who also joined us that night at Schuba's. Thanks to MySpace and a close musical family, I knew that these guys needed a place to stay in Chicago. So all six of them crammed into my little place with Tina and me in my room. A bottle of Seagrams, some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and a lot of American Spirits kept this group up till 6:30am. So now, not only do I love their music, I love them too. Plus it's just funny to wake up and see a red-headed werewolf sleeping under your kitchen table.
Tina with her hero, our waitress at Butch McGuire's. After Kendall's that Friday night, the group headed there to finish out our late-start evening. Back to SuperWaitress. Long story short, we sat down at half a round table backed most of the way into a corner. Shortly thereafter two HAMMERED girls appeared on the other half, one of them blatantly butt-bumping Tina straight out of her seat. Tina and the rest of us grumble then move on. I am in the midst of leaving a voicemail when one girl starts yelling at me for Tina's name. I motion that I'm "on the phone" although I have hung up with the message 30 seconds earlier. Girl 2 then grabbed a fistful of Tina's hair and yanked her backwards until she was almost seated in the chair she'd been bumped from, shouting about Tina "talking shit." I am on my feet but backed into the corner. Tina later said that was probably for the best because if I had done anything, they would have just hit her because she was closer. None of us had too much time to do much more than squeal (Tina), yell (me) or shake head in disbelief (Max). SuperWaitress to the rescue with a biting tongue and a swift ticket OUT of the bar to those trashy wenches. She came back with a round of shots for the table.

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camille said...

love it, this is my favorite read! great photos of you and chip and tina!