Thursday, October 4, 2007

Humble (Pie) Beginnings

So clearly I have bitten the bullet (or been bitten by the blog bug or some other appropriate cliche) and finally started putting ill-manicured fingers to type-pad. I could feign disinterest for a few more sentences but I'm actually really excited and am hoping that this will absolve me of the multiple-novella emails.

Although, a key difference. I am attempting to keep this PG-13.

Had to pause for you to absorb that one as over-sharing to a disgusting degree has sorta become my copyright. With that said, here are my thoughts for Wednesday and please don't expect anything too profound (boss lady split a caramel apple with me at lunch and my fingers are still a little gooey).

1) I watched "Pushing Daisies" (ABC) last night and it is my new season crush. Quirky and interesting and a bit Big Fishy. And I have warm, tingly feelings for the lead character, Ned.

2) I was a little bemused during this afternoon's "porch inspection" and reflecting on a number of things I am no good at. Packing cigarettes, reading directions for electronics, finishing things I start (doesn't THAT bode well for this new undertaking!), saying No to anything mildly appealing and most sports.

3) My mom is coming in tonight and there are dishes in my sink, an unmade bed, no dinner reservations and the usual in the litterbox. A watercolor depiction of responsible preparedness. The whole unconditional love thing is potentially the greatest plan ever.

4) Chip (name changed to protect whatever identity he has left) leaves for Atlanta tomorrow and will, thus, dodge the Mom bullet. This is fine by me although I did sense a little disappointment from Momma Kate, the reigning president of Grandbaby Foragers Anonymous.

5) Wildly unproductive today and it's not even Friday.


HangryPants said...

I miss Pushing Daisies and I feel partly at fault for its demise because I didn't watch consistently when I had the chance.

RhodeyGirl said...

I love #3! Also, we started blogging within a couple of weeks of each other! How cool!!!

TKTC said...

Can I just say that I'm loving that we're all commenting on posts from years ago? I love it.

HangryPants: I did and I still don't think we could have saved the show. So charming that it was though. That was pre-Twitter. Now I talk about my favorites knowing that the people in charge of their fates are listening. Modern Family will not leave me!!

RhodeyGirl: My poor mother. And poor boyfriend. I've gotten a little bit better about planning but I'm still a hot mess. And I had no idea our start dates were SO fun:)