Thursday, October 4, 2007

Dinner for Mom or How to Make Something Easy When You Are MegaDisorganized

Mom is running early and I am running late. Surprise Surprise! Dinner will have to be pretty straightforward.

The great thing about Mom is that as long as she has a glass of wine in her hand by 5:15, she's a pretty happy camper. She won't have more than 2 (unless she's at an auction or wedding or somesuch nonsense) but that is one consistent lady.

Tonight we are having turkey meatballs with spahetti, a Sugar Shack house salad (recipe to follow) and Oberweiss ice cream.

Sugar Shack House Salad
This has been a staple at my house since Junior year of college when I think we may have lived on them. Easy and there are variations of it EVERYWHERE but that doesn't take away from the fact that it is easy, good et tres elegante sur le plate.

1 box Earthbound Farms Spring Mix
1 cup crushed walnuts (subbing in almonds tonight so as not to kill Mom)
3-4 oz of low fat or fat free Feta ( I like Athenos)
1/2 cup of Craisins
Paul Newman's Light Balsamic Dressing and Fresh ground pepper to taste

Throw it in a bowl and toss it:)

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