Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kristopher Dukes is More Like a Queen

Everyone likes to think they're unique, an original force to be reckoned with individually by each and every other thumbprint they encounter. I am perhaps the most diluded by this idea (see how I just re-asserted my individuality there?) but have now come to a rather ambivalent awakening. I thought I talked the the talk pretty well. At times irreverent, maybe even gauche but honest and showing taste (good, bad and just tasty taste)- it's been my schtick.

Patrick Cox Sabrina Shoe

Until I came across Kristopher Dukes, a style writer in LA. I don't even like the idea of LA. But I love KDukes. She was interview by Ben at We Love Beauty (which reminds me that I'm looking for a campaign manager to get myself featured on his "In Your Bag" section) and I thought she was pretty clever. I now check her site multiple times a day. She is part Harlequin, part A. Wintour and all kinds of trouble. My two favorite things she's featured lately? Patrick Cox Peacock stilettos and SmartAss unders. I bought the unders online about ten minutes ago because I spent this past weekend being reminded by PopPop that "No one likes a smart ass." and, well, I'm gonna bet someone does ;) (via KRiSTOPHERDUKES)


Susie said...

I'm totally sucked into this website now...Thanks :)

ToKissTheCook said...

welcome to the fold, friend. I realize now that I was linking to her posts on ThisNext. I check KristopherDukes.com on every day that ends in Y.