Sunday, October 21, 2007

Movie Review: The Darjeeling Limited

It was a solid Friday in my book. Out of work at a decent hour, home to feed the cat, dinner at Bourgeois Pig (my first Chicago love) and off to see the new Wes Anderson movie with Cam. For those of you who care about such things I had the mushroom barley soup (eh- a little thymey for me), the Walden sandwich-yum, and then a mammouth brownie shared with Cam. And lots lots of fabulous catching up!

On to the movie, things I liked:
  • As usual, film was full of quirky characters, played by the same quirky actors we already love.
  • I think the Hotel Chevalier as a prequel was perhaps one of the best marketing tools I've seen in use in a looong time.
  • Adrien Brody/ Peter Whitman's suits. The green one with the brown belt and flawlessly pressed white shirt with father's stolen sunglasses particularly. Loved it.
  • Visually stunning, I would love a shot list just in case I ever get to the foothills of the Himalayas. I am also re-enthused by the bright peacock blue and gold combination for my office. Still probably not going to happen.
  • Everything about the Pepper Spray scene.
  • I still have a big crush on Waris Ahluwalia.
Not so crazy about:
  • Character development, emotional integrity was spotty. There was not a moment in DL that I "wanted to laugh and cry at the same time" (first pointed out by my brother), which is really my favorite part of Anderson's movies. Royal Tennenbaums being the best example.
  • Jumpy. There's quirky and then there's sloppy when it comes to tying a movie together and I think this one walked the line a little too often.
Bottom Line:

You get the most emotive, characteristic performance out of the 13 minute short you can get for free on iTunes. But if you're a fan and it's raining outside, get into that movie seat.

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