Friday, October 19, 2007

MySpace or Yours?

I have been pretty skeptical of MySpace. It's a grittier version of facebook with loose morals. You get stalked by random marketers and pornstars alike. It's slow to load and takes a few clicks to get anywhere interesting.

So why do I do it? The music. I never thought I would get to utter this given the state of my musical gene pool but, wait for it, I do it for the music. I know who's on tour and know that, particularly with the bands I follow, it's a safe bet that an actual member of the band reads and returns messages.

MySpace brought me Blitzen Trapper for a hilarious, full house sleepover a few weeks ago, a charming and disarming Greek about a year ago (for regular sleepovers) and Tuesday MySpace brought me something much more common- a song that I like that hasn't even been released yet. I can't even post it here because it is not available on iTunes. The best I can do is link you to her MySpace page and let you listen there. Boys- the song is called "Single Girls" by Laura Jansen. You're not really the target audience here. Check it.

While we're on the topic, I missed someone tonight and the good news is that he's coming back in a few weeks :) So with that in mind, I give you J the Greek.

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