Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oh Goodnight.

I'm just going to skip right through the first part of the day because it's nothing that you're going to be interested in. I got my nails done after work and a pedicure and that's all you need to know:) I am now officially reveling the cooler weather in my deliciously goth Lincoln Park After Dark.Once I was good and on my way to this weekend's Underworld homage, I picked up a roast chicken at Dominick's and skipped to my loo back to Wicker Park for dinner with Marianne. We had planned on Treats, our shared obsession but comfort food was in order. As was wine. So for dinner we had sauteed shitake mushrooms, green beans, mashed fingerling potatoes, and roasted acorn squash with our chicken. I may have gotten a little carried away.We got through talks of adventures, boys, men and the lives we expected to have 5 and 10 years ago. It was just what the doctor ordered. That and Chocolate Marshmallow ice cream from Oberweis to top it off:) No, I didn't roast my own chicken but in searching for a related image, I came across this and it gave me the giggles.
In other good news, I am halfway through watching Catherine Deneuve in Indochine. I'm a little reminded of The Lover which was another recent Netflixer but this has far less graphic sex and I'm not on the airplane scaring stewardesses this time. No, this time I am in my own living room watching on a working DVD player- the first one I have ever personally owned, with a great film score coming through on surround. Safe to say my 5 and 10 years ago selves would be contented by this.

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