Sunday, October 28, 2007

Movie Review: Dan in Real Life

Hello Hello!
I am sorry blog community, I have abandoned my post. I did however see a great movie today and just couldn't resist!
Dan in Real Life was a good flick in the classic sense- it was funny, heartfelt and had some very real moments (read: both funny and heartfelt). Steve Carell is not-so-secretly one of my favorite people. I'll pretty much watch anything he's in which also explains why I've been able to watch old episodes of "The Office" non-stop.
Back to the movie- Juliette Binoche is charming (could she really ever be anything else??) and even Dane Cook is significantly less grating than is the norm. All in all- something to see yourselves and recommend to the rents'!

*Of Note, all the music in the movie was composed by Norwegian alternaGod Sondre Lerche.

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