Thursday, October 18, 2007

This Is Dedicated to the One(s) I Loooove

Say what you will about the technological age we live in, it certainly shows time and again that the world is a whole lot smaller than we give it credit for being (insert smug grin here). The following deserve extra credit and gold stars for various jobs well done!

Tipton- For being the most adorable whistle-blower I know. She may eventually give Erin Brockovich a run for it.Mrs. Jones & Mrs. Cicela- For dealing with my craziness before coffee in the morning and in a way that only two happily marrieds can. That’s not true, they were already very good at neutralizing when they were Miss Dawson & Miss Gallagher.
Boss-(next to Mrs. Cicela, Middle) For letting me out early on account of “clearly needing a cocktail.” And because she wanted to leave too but we’ll overlook that one☺
D$- For teaching me some German and still being my life companion when I need a male perspective.Brother- For his general hilarity in entrusting me to find him a plastic speargun for his Halloween costume and an innate ability to supply clarity of all kinds.Lo and Jones- For ignoring general medical advice to stay in bed while sick and give interior decorator advice instead when I randomly show up at their apartment.Marianne & Co.- For allowing me to use a fabulous birthday celebration as a focus group. And for Pops in particular because the Xtra-large French Martini was insanely delicious.Caro- For being a complete rockstar by applying alcohol and an herbal remedy to my paper cut.Cole, Kathy & Matt- For making me so freakin excited for the weekend!!!!!!

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