Thursday, October 18, 2007

Paper Mooning

I am a sucker for great cards. Particularly for no reason, usually from Greer on Wells or Anjenu on Division, almost always overpriced but that's pretty subjective, and I ALWAYS fill up every piece of blank space available with my illegible scrawl.

I got a great card in the mail today from JennaButt- queen of Memphis stationary- and I decided to post some of the great cards I've been lucky enough to have around in the last 0-4 years.

Directly across from the card, if I'm doing this right, should be the person who thought to put it in an envelope (or just stamp it) with my name on it. I'm such a cheeseball today...but not a Jungle Jim's cheeseball. That would be pretty presumptuous on my part.

*UPDATE: I'm way too impatient to get this right so if anyone wants to claim their card, comment away. Otherwise, it's a guessing game that keeps me from developing arthritic thumbs.

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