Thursday, October 11, 2007

White Out

So my two old standby bags are in tatters and it is simply time for something fresh. I'm thinking a creamy white leather handbag would carry me between seasons in a rather chic way (should I take very good care of it) so I thought I would throw a few options out. Please vote for 1, 2 or 3:



Emily said...

Look of the week: White Bags.

Lady you are always on trend. :)

Jessi Is said...

How did I not know about this site? That is FABULOUS! And I almost posted that exact picture Nat Portman in the red Derek Lam!

Benny G said...

Go with number 3, because it's the only one that comes with a girl.

Anonymous said...

I'm all about #2. It's timeless & doesn't look like it's going to make your shoulder hurt from all the crap you put in it (that's my common mistake). Where can I get it? Ha ha! ~Lynsey =)

camille said...

1 or 3... love it!!