Sunday, November 18, 2007

Comment Cava? Moi? Meme...

I got tagged by Jenn and Susie for a Meme which basically entails listing 7 random facts about myself, then tagging 7 people, and leaving a comment in their blog to let them know. I don't know more than 3 people who've not yet been tagged and 2 of them probably won't respond (eh, Jon?) so I'm going to keep thinking on that and just tag Dustin, who is safely back in Columbus after visiting with us in the City of Wind for the weekend!

Voici Randoms:

  • I love animals. I start to feel bad when I'm walking with friends because I tend to walk at 45 mph until I see a friendly dog and then I stop immediately and am down on the ground in greeting. People probably get annoyed at the start/stop but hopefully it evens out to an average pace? No matter, I know the names of my neighbors' dogs but not my neighbors themselves which isn't all that strange to me. You know I have a cat whom I adore (the HoneyCat) but someday, like when I have a yard, I'd love a Bernese Mountain Dog or a Bassett Hound. Maybe a horse, some chickens (for eggs, not pate)...just no inside birds. Parakeets, parrots, cockatiels and the like really freak me out.
Yes! (taken during today's naptime)
Absolutely not.
  • I can drink my own gallon of skim milk in about 2.5 days. I love it and living down the street from Oberweis means that even that is becoming an expensive habit. I do credit milk with my height and the fact that even after the infamous softball incident of 97', there was no lasting damage. I'll try to track down the insurance pictures over Thanksgiving. VOICI:
Broke every damn blood vessel and yes, those are the ball stitches imprinted on my face. I had just gotten my braces off (14) and was feeling much cuter and BAM. I was warming up outfielders at an away high school softball game in Waverly, TN when I held my glove up to pause the action. I threw my coach an extra ball and, unfortunately due to an error in gesticulatory communication, I pulled my glove away to resume and caught a would-be college all-star’s full overhand in my left eye. Out cold for a few seconds, concussion, nerve damage(not bad anymore, if I scratch both sides of my face the sensations are different), and literally a maroon eye in parts that used to be white. I have light green/blue eyes so that accounts for a look Marilyn Manson has yet to consider.

I’m lucky that due to the size of a softball (vs a baseball) not only did my eye socket not shatter but it was able to protect the eye itself from any vision damage. In retrospect, I think this particular face disruption probably did good things for me. I went on my first date with this black eye and the rather infamous lothario didn’t come within 36 inches of me, setting the bar for a very social but innocent high school experience. Funny to think “innocent” when I look so totally demonic.

  • I do judge books by their covers. Unless I come upon the book some other way, it needs to be somehow provocative for me to buy it. And while I do have a library card, I like to OWN books. Nothing is as multi-purpose a decor item as a book. If I come to your house, I will also try to surmise something new about you based on the books that are on your bookshelf. I bought one of my favorite books of all time because I liked the cover:
  • I really really want to learn how to play the cello. Until I develop an ear for music, eye-hand coordination or a money tree, I will happily listen to any music that includes what I consider one of the sexiest sounds I've ever encountered. "mmmmmmmmmm" just came out of my mouth thinking about the theme to Shawshank Redemption, Volcano by Damien Rice, The Shining by Badly Drawn Boy, Sun Will Set by Zoe Keating and that kick ass scene in The Witches of Eastwick.

  • My Super-Power would be to speak every language. I only have so many years left of getting by in foreign countries by smiling and saying thank you a lot and I annoy myself at the thought. I'm going to need to start somewhere (like finishing the French) lest I be struck by this unlikely ability on my own and must save the world. I digress, I think the ability to communicate is at least 10 times more important than money when visiting anywhere/everywhere. Irregardless of a skyrocketing Euro, language doesn't lose its value. Not even Latin. How do you like me now, Etymology?

  • I relish in being a total dichotomy most of the time and haven't found it to make me any less decisive. Make-up, new clothes and decorating OR deep-sea fishing, Tennessee whiskey and _____. Maybe just those two. Does a twisted sense of humor and a knack for "mischief" count for anything?

  • When I was little (7-13ish) I was a big Greek Mythology buff. I think I probably had 9 or 10 books on just Greek myths and then 1 Nordic, 1 Native American and 1 Japanese. It was the easiest gift of all time and I am still a good person to know if you're stuck on a crossword puzzle. It's also a fairly drawn conclusion that a love of good story-telling and anything requiring some distance from reality have spawned an adult who reads Harry Potter books in mere hours, attends the midnight openers for Lord of the Rings, The Golden Compass/ His Dark Materials etc. and devoutly enjoys folk music. See that? I am a real nerd. Watching Saved by the Bell reruns while home sick from work? That doesn't really count toward nerd. Knowing the names of the Fates? Now that is metal (potentially "mettle" also.)
  • Still No.


Jenn said...

I love owning books as well. I hardly ever use my library card because I head to borders or go on amazon to get my copies. And I agree about the cover. it has to pull me in before I walk across the store to buy it. How else am I to know it exists?

Jamie said...

You should listen to Murder by Death or some older Cursive albums.

The cello players are just amazing in them! After I seen both live, I wanted to take up the cello. They were just so captivating.

ToKissTheCook said...

Jamie- I do actually listen to Murder by Death- out of Bloomington, right? They're great and they have actually gotten MORE cello heavy as they've gotten older which I fully support.

Not familiar with Cursive though- any songs you'd recommend starting with?

Anonymous said...

I'm back, Cook, I'm back!!! Sorry to be gone for so long! How I missed you and all my other food blog friends! I have so much to catch up on...

Jamie said...

Anything off of Domestica! It is my favorite album by Cursive!

erin said...

infamous lothario. hahahahahahahahaha.

it really brings the story to life when you know the people behind it...

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