Saturday, November 17, 2007


How did the shopping trip go, you ask? Oh, brilliant. I'm a budget genius- did you know that? I'll have to mention my lack of self control in the "meme" Susie and Jenn tagged me for (sounds like a good hangover activity to me). Anyhow, I'm now fully stacked and in my defense, I did get a couple good deals due to "Friends & Family" sale season. What's that? You want inventory? Well, only because you asked so nicely... Details Sunday because for now I feel like I just got my make-up done and am gonna go for dinner at Opera then to State- not my usual scene but Gina's here and Kate dressed me up!
*Details now added. Click on the pics for more info.

after being "re-worked"...a good time to clarify that no, I do not wear a whole lot of make-up on a daily basis but for the same irrational reasons that I love Whole Foods and cute unders, my shoestring life feels a little more velvet ropes when the details are of a certain quality.
Best of Benefit Essentials: Adorably packaged (no surprises there) and with three great picks. Bad Gal Lash is the item that I most needed. I switch off back and forth between DiorShow and Bad Gal and recommend both highly. Dallas is a nice, light sunny blush, aptly named. Eye Bright is for those of us with a tendency to go a little Millay and burn the candle at both ends. As of this morning, it has made over my multi-cocktail dishevelment to look more like 1 glass of wine, a tall glass of water before bed and 9 hours of sleep.Silky Finish Lipstick in Guilt Free: I swear I liked the lipstick before I saw the name. But now I love it even more- a nice rich berry that goes very nicely from polished day to nighttime.

Shu Uemura Synthetic Brush 10: A beautiful brush to add to the collection (my third after a Nars powder brush and a Trish McEvoy eyeshadow brush). Should be with me about as long as the massive Kevyn Aucoin concealer below.

Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer: I tried this stuff on at CO Bigelow a year and a half ago and they ended up being sold out of the right/perfect color. We were reunited yesterday and it's just as good as I remember. And man alive...this stuff is built to last, the girl said it should last about 3 years (it doesn't take much) and looking at how much is in there, I could see where that might be a possibility. On the man himself, I love Kevyn Aucoin and was genuinely sad when he passed away in 2002. I used to get stuck looking through his books in Borders and his whole approach to transformation was just really really cool. In my early days of beauty junkie discovery, here was a man that was unafraid of letting his hands translate his imagination's conversations with the rest of us. Check out "Making Faces" and "Face Forward."

Benefit Lip Sketching Pencil in "Posh": This is my second Posh pencil. It's ideal for those of us with no natural pigment in their otherwise pleasant lips. I look a little like a Deatheater without something on and this has led to a bit of a fixation with chapstick (Burt's Bees), lipstick (Chanel Hydrabase Creme in Metal Garnet), gloss (Nars in Metis or Orgasm) and my ever-present hybrid (Aveda Lip Tint in Spice). Posh is very very neutral and just helps color to stay without being noticeable.


Jenn said...

I'm horrible at being a girl. I never wear makeup because...well, I don't own any :( I tried eye liner once...that was not pretty! You on the other hand look very pretty and not whorish like I feel I would look if I were holding makeup.

ToKissTheCook said...

You live here. When you want make-up, get in touch and I will take you.

Anonymous said...

WOAH - love "the face"! You look great all gussied up there:)
I agree with Jenn - it's hard to pull off and not look whorish. I just looked through all my pics from the reunion this weekend and realized you can barely tell I'm wearing ANY makeup. Might need to step it up *just* a little. For special occasions at least.