Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Crazy Cat Personality Disorder is Hereditary

As I may or may not have mentioned, Pop Pop has adopted a new companion recently- Agatha, a rescued Birman (so far as I can tell without spending a disturbing amount of time on the Cat Fancy website).

He has been sending fabulous updates and since he has not updated his blog lately (HINT HINT), I will share them on his behalf. I am so happy for Arnie Baby that Agatha shares his interests- the stock market, bridge and, presumably, excellent food.

"This is my cat, Agatha. When she isn't playing with her toys, she loves to watch the stock market on CNBC. She thinks it is funnier than Everybody Loves Raymond, but wonders why there isn't the appropriate laugh track to go with it. And, I think she makes a good point that the TV producer should consider." 11/26/07

"Agatha, that cat, loves to play bridge on the internet. She's a beginner but she knows how to finesse that heart to bring the contract home. Hope we can set her up on the laptop so we can play as partners." 11/27/07

So, you see, I come by it genetically.