Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dinner Bell

Could it be true?? Could I really have a website referring to cooking and actually post about cooking??? Oh man, this is just too much.

Alright, alright...I've been much worse about posting day to day cooking than I set out to be a couple months ago. For the last two weeks I have either been eating out, eating badly or eating my momma's cooking and while all of that has been documented to some degree, let's get back to business shall we?

I'm on one of my famous/infamous health kicks. Yes, right smack in the middle of the holidays. Death becomes me but I need to at least try. And it really shouldn't be too hard because truth be told, that's my default method of cooking. I worked out harder than I have in months then hit the grocery store to scare some small children with my red red face.

Dinner last night- I made a delicious salmon filet using an easy spice rub that December Cooking Light featured in its "Hanukkah blessings" section (Challah!) and December SELF even recommends making a verrry similar recipe in little tins to give away as gifts.
TKTC Spice Rub
- any takers?
1/2 tsp kosher salt
1/2 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp ground coriander
1/4 tsp Hungarian paprika
1/8 tsp ground cinnamon
1/8 tsp freh ground pepper

That is the recipe for 6. For just me (literally only bought .3 lbs of salmon) I took all of those out and shook each 1-2 times on top of the salmon until it looked about even. That may not help you directionally but I'm trying to keep it honest. I then sauteed skin side down in about 1TB of good Greek olive oil, turning once to sear the top. The spices turned into a very light crust on top and I have to say, it was very very good.

On the side: I have the hardest time choosing. I LOVE vegetables and a lot of color on my plate. I went with a lot of steamed fresh broccoli, baby bella mushrooms with garlic (also done with Pam) and finished with a very large glass of skim Oberweis milk (that may or may not have had some Hershey's syrup in it). Apparently, milk does a healthy body Heroic.

Tonight: For whatever reason, I was craving a Three Floyds' Rabid Rabbit or some similar Belgian beerethren at the Map Room tonight. I resisted the urge but I need to get back there sometime soon before they forget me. God forbid someone else be mouthing along incorrectly to Queens of the Stone Age lyrics or giving dissertations on the origins of gin by the pool tables.Instead: College style. Laura's lean beef hamburger (right portion size) sauteed in Pam with mushrooms and garlic. On the side- steamed green beans and roasted half a roasted acorn squash with 1/2 tsp of brown sugar and 1 tsp of Smart Balance inside. And more chocolate milk.

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