Friday, November 2, 2007

Curly Q&A is one of my favorite sites. Not only because Michelle is a blast to work with but because as a curly, it is just a genuinely kick-ass resource. Even the New York Times thinks so.

A month or two back we were catching up on an interview she was working on with a client of mine and we got to chatting about the dating scene somehow. This is when she told me that one of her contributors in NYC was working on a story to determine whether men really preferred straight or curly hair. Now this is something that I guarantee women of straight, curly and in-between persuasions has wondered at some point. Having embraced all hairstyles and colors at some point (mostly just "big"), I was seriously intrigued. Check it out here.

Now while we are on the topic of curls, I have product reviews. After a similar conversation with Michelle a few weeks ago (different project), she said she had a "cocktail" she wanted me to try. As I am a product-friendly house I agreed to review them and send her the feedback.
The first thing I loved was Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner which smells kind of like the beach and leaves my hair very soft. Plus, I think it may help my street cred to have something alluding to me as a "Mixed Chick" in my shower. Jewish-Catholic counts, right?
The next was AG Re:Coil which is a styling creme- left me a little stiffer that I typically like but I get the appeal. For those of you with thicker hair who are currently addicted to gel- this would be an EXCELLENT way to transition to a softer feel that still has a secure hold.And last but not least was CurlKeeper. I was wary of CK. Admittedly, I was being a snob. The packaging isn't nearly as cute as B&B's and I didn't quite "get it." It's a clear, silicone-based liquid that comes in a very low maintenance bottle. I was to put a good amount in my hair when it was still very wet to start to the curl process off.
I have to tell you, I have now used it for the last 2 weeks and am an addict. It does not change the texture of the curl beyond defining them and perhaps adding a little shine in what would have otherwise fallen in to a frizzy abyss. I don't care that it looks a little jank(sp?) in my cabinet, it's currently rocking my world and I knew that few of you would want/need to know about it.

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mixedchicks said...

So glad to hear Mixed Chicks is working for you. Keep an eye on us, we will have more products coming soon. Here is a curly tip...if your readers' hair suddenly seems dry and their/your routine hasn't changed, check two things: 1. Have you recently moved, and if so, is your water hard? 2. Perhaps you are shampooing too much. Have a great week, curly-people.