Sunday, November 11, 2007

FYE (For Your Ears)

A few shows coming up that should be worth checking out if you can get there:
UPDATE: I left off what is going to be a FANTASTIC show but I'm afraid only one of you will be able to attend.
Andrew Bird with Loney, Dear TONIGHT at L'Atipode in Rennes France. Molly, we need a full report tomorrow to soothe us on our Mondays. And Camille- props for giving us the favorite photo of the week. Nothing like a leprechaun jump in the middle of the southern Alps.

Ryan Montbleau Band at Schuba’s 11/9 (10pm)- I am genuinely sad to miss this and am taking volunteers to be my proxy.

They Might Be Giants at The Vic; Sat 11/10- I heard TMBG on Fresh Air recently. Such a cool pair so if you are NOT drinking mojitos in River North, this would be a good option.

Ben Lee, Cary Brothers & the Kahn Brothers at Double Door; Tuesday 11/13 (8pm)- I will be spending MY brother’s 23rd birthday with Jaimeson and his brother (and a lot of other “brothers” apparently) at this show- come on down to Wicker Park!

Jimmy Eat World at the Riviera 11/15 (7pm)- Emo-rific.

David Gray at Park West 12/6 (7:30pm)- Still good, I’m gonna try to grab tickets for this so let me know if you’re in.

Inrgrid Michaelson at Martyrs 12/11 (8pm)- I have tickets to this already. Who doesn’t love Martyrs?

Aimee Mann at The Vic, also on 12/11 (7:30pm)- Her annual Holiday Show is supposed to be spectacular. And I'm now pretty miffed that it's on the same random Tuesday night as Ingrid Michaelson. I could really use a Time-Turner.


Jenn said...

Ooo I really like Ingrid Michaelson! How much were tickets?

ToKissTheCook said...

CHEAP!! $12...I guess the Old Navy ad hasn't gone to her head.

Jenn said...


Anonymous said...

er, Cary brothers isn't a set of brothers. It's his last name. Hope you make le show. I caught it in Seattle this week and he and Ben Lee are a perfect night out!

ToKissTheCook said...

No worries, very aware that Cary is his own man...just making a play at facetious with all the brothers already in reference.

Glad you enjoyed the show in Seattle- I was just out there and love it! I've seen Cary & Co. play 5-6 times now and while they're always with someone new (Hotel Cafe Tour, Joshua Radin, Ben Lee etc.) it's ALWAYS a great show.

camille said...

i want to go to aimee mann!! so you are already booked that evening?

Jonk said...

Ahh, Jimmy Eat World at the Riviera... I saw them there in 2002! They haven't really done it for me lately, though. They have a new album out this year, but I've barely listened to the first single that I downloaded. Maybe I have evolved and they haven't? Is that mean to say? I like them, I don't mean to be mean.

Molly said...

Andrew Bird last night was fantastic ... I love him! And Loney Dear (Swedish group) were a good opening act ... all in all, a very satisfying Sunday soiree!!! (Posted by Proxy)

ToKissTheCook said...

Jon- I'm going to agree about the newer stuff. But due to sick nostalgia, I still love it when Closer or Just Watch the Fireworks comes on.

Molly- How about London (we can crash at Nick's) in April then Sweden in July or August? Sweden or Croatia- your call.