Friday, November 9, 2007

Weekend Update:

Well tonight I’m heading up north for a little babysitting adventure. I only head up there to babysit once a month now but I still find myself to be extremely grateful that none of them can tell time yet- Addy in particular because he’s 6 and can be a bit of a pill. Don't mistake me for an amateur though... I have library books and a secret stash of fruit snacks in case it comes down to bribery. For the post-7:30 evening I have “Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen and Rushmore and Brick from Netflix. Speaking of which- have you seen anything good lately?
*Update* Brick was AWESOME. Very quick, different dialogue for a film noir set in a modern high school. Dark and twisty but altogether brilliant, due in no small part to Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Follow the link, watch the video.

Tomorrow is a whole new deal and with barely a pause between 5:30am and Probably 2-3am on Sunday morning. Are you ready for this?

The little ones (18 year old variety, not 2-6) I advise are getting initiated at Northwestern at the crazy crack of dawn tomorrow morning. There with my fellow “advisors” until 10 am, hence why I'm very happy to have a low key night tonight.

At 10am- Off to the Blind Faith Café to catch a quick bite with the lovely and adventurous CVDJ. I’ve been excited to try this place out for all the buzz it gets and what better excuse than to steal Mrs. Jones away from her mister for a massive caffeine slap. Organic or not.
*Update* I had the French Toast Flambe and Christina had the Biscuit & Eggs. In accordance with our brunching tradition we traded plates so I can confidently say that both were delicious!

After that, off to teach my first workshop at 826 Chicago- the group Dave Eggers started in San Francisco that has now branched to New York and Chicago. I am so excited for this! For 2 hours we have about a baker’s dozen in 3rd graders coming to write short stories about the drawings from the Mysteries of Harris Burdick series for kids and/or like0minded adults. 826CHI/ The Boring Store are really incredible so should you come to be in need of a pen that writes with invisible ink, know that the only spy supply supercenter in Chicago has got you covered and that proceeds go to a stellar cause.
Archie Smith, Boy Wonder
A tiny voice asked, "Is he the one?"

After some quick book-binding sans kiddies, it’s nap time. There’s just no way around that. HoneyCat and I will be on the couch, in a sunspot, taking a monstrous nap (like you really needed to know any of this).

At 7, I wil hopefully be gussied and off to Nacional 27 for dinner with the Gallagher/Cicela/Crazy Clan and then out in that neighborhood. I love that place. The food is always good and the drinks are always strong. And I could be trapped in a paper bag with that set and still have side pains from laughing too hard, so there you have it.

Alright, I was being extra ambitious when I said 2 or 3am earlier. Keep your fingers crossed for me please!

Sunday will ideally consist of yoga, laundry, lunch at ZK Food (aka Chicago Kona) with Lo and guest judging a pheasant cook-off with C’est Bon Cam & her Texan paramour, Taylor. I understand that Taylor’s mini-beast, Bosley, will also be on this panel. Recipes to be posted pending tallied scores.

If you haven’t heard from me in the interim, I may have checked into Northwestern Hospital citing exhaustion. At least that’s what I told my publicist to say☺

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