Monday, November 5, 2007

Good (Hair) Day!

As a perk of working in PR for the professional beauty biz, sometimes you get yours taken care of. And on really good days- it's by some of the best in the business:) Last year I ended up as a hair color model for a big hair color event because we were short (clearly not because I can "vogue"). I went from my natural/current hair color to Apricot blonde which was a blast for a month or so but when it was time to come back to the dark side...I ran!
That said, tomorrow I've been invited to cover an event for Clairol Professional featuring two of their biggest stars- Danny Lapointe and Anita Gutierrez. Color and a Haircut = No bits. I'm told there will be before and after shots taken of the editors (that's me tomorrow) and there's a good chance you won't see either (with artistic license and all).

There's also a good chance you will given that I am compelled to share most things that smarter friends deem unwise. In any case, I will not be blonde but that's the only guidance I'm giving the master so wish me luck!

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