Monday, November 5, 2007

I bet you thought I wouldn't make it...

And if you live on the Eastern seaboard, you'd have been correct. But it was/is Monday and I have actually been hard at work bringing you an interactive super-post courtesy of some of the new blogs I am getting into. But first , I have been slacking on the COOKING portion of this brilliant beast so tonight felt like the night to bring it on home. A few weeks ago I came across a great seasonal pick from Martha and have been threatening to make it ever since. Still not sure when I'm gonna pull it off the bench (out of the fridge) and try her out in the game (sports analogy for a dinner party-ha) but I think it'll freeze well so maybe you'll get lucky at some point:) In the meantime- this was the view of my office today. Makes the Mondays worth it sometimes.Now after a mammoth trip to TJ's and Jewel, I am ready to get a move on but here's the catch, I cook to music. The joys of living alone allow me to sing and dance stoveside without putting innocents at risk and tonight I have the privilege of having discovered a guest DJ and MONTHS of back entries to get through. Tonight I am cooking to the tune of Jonk (Jon, is it?) and we've got a song per step. Jonk is perfect for this because for those of us not reading as much Stereogum, PopMatters, Paste or Metacritic as we'd probably like he picks a song and a solid album review a day. Ingenious- it's bite-size.I know it looks like a lot but man alive, it does cook down. The main players are 2.5 lbs fresh spinach, 1.5lbs wild mushrooms. For mushrooms, my preference is local this time of year but unfortunately, no access on a Monday night so I went with Trader Joe's cremini, oyster & shitake blend as well as a pack of baby bellas. Listening to: Low Bay of Sky by Richard Youngs
This is all 6 bags of spinach with 2 TB butter and 3 cloves of garlic and a bit of sea salt. Listening/Dancing To: Grip Like A Vice by the Go! Team and Listened On by Lightning Dust (Did the spinach 2 bags at a time due to diminishing spacial concerns)
Smells. So. Good. Mushrooms deglazed with Madeira. Tell me you can smell this. Listening to: Stitch Me Up by Minus Story and dancing to Sad Sad City by Ghostland Observatory.
Garlic Spinach with Ricotta. also featuring my Picasso salt shakers from brother's time in France just to class up my clutter. Singing Bring It On Home to Me by Britt Daniel who is now my second favorite Portland music group(1st).
Fresh flat-leaf parsley added to mushrooms. Another great smell- fresh and piney and clean. Listened to Innocent Bones by Iron & Wine (twice)
Putting it all together- sauce was made with skim milk but about a stick of butter. I may need to find my way to Miss Scarlett's Body Jam class at this rate! Despite What You've Been Told by Two Gallants (I do so love it when the West Coasters invade our Midwestern concert halls).
All put together! And to top it all off, upon further inspection of archives, I came upon Down the Line by Jose Gonzalez. I'm only a month behind in my stereocrush- I feel so in touch:)
Sideview: Rich, rich, well-off. And more favorites...Come On Get Higher by Matt Nathanson
Cheers to a finished project! Not quite as elegant as MS' Fage creation but it's late and it'll do. Finishing it off with Told You So by Guggenheim Grotto (And it felt like a lifetime in heat...)


Jenn said...

I envy your cooking skills. That looks delicious!

camille said...

ohhh wow this looks amazing!!! do i get to try it tonight? :)

Jonk said...

Thanks for all the shout-outs.
Gonzalez is such a Swedish name, isn't it? You maybe saw this TV commercial last year, featuring bouncing balls and his "Heartbeats."


Susie said...

I'm soo happy you found my blog because I absolutely LOVE yours (yay nablopomo!) Definitely going to go read more of your archives :)

My friend and I are actually getting ready to launch our new blog where we attempt to show 20-somethings that it is possible to cook/craft like Martha. Your cooking stuff is kind of similar to what we're doing.

Funny your bro lives in Boston because my sister lives in Chicago! Definitely my second favorite city- I love visiting her :)