Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

My sweet potatoes are boiling so I've decided to do a running quotes section for the day:

"Both of your handwriting is TERRIBLE. Practice your signatures."- The Pot (Dad) talking to the Kettles (Brother and I)

"You don't appreciate my art. I'm Pollack and you're telling me to do Cubism!" Brother lamenting during our practice session that we, as a family, are trying to box in his creative expression.

"The guy at the Apple store keeps telling me we need to change my password one of these times (it's a little ridiculous)." Mom
"You don't have anything on your hard drive that needs protecting." Dad
"Well how do YOU know? Maybe I do!!" Mom
"You don't." Dad

"We have a few choices for family movie. One for the boys, one for the girls and one for maybe everyone. No Country for Old Men, Enchanted and August Rush. I hear Amy Adams is getting Oscar buzz for Enchanted!" Mom

"These make great earmuffs!" Mom's response to taking a walk while wearing the Noise Cancelling Bose headphones Dad got her for her birthday.

"You know the great thing about being home? I can have a glass of milk without having to smell it first!" Brother

Look for live updates-I love being home.


Anonymous said...

"Amy Adams is getting Oscar buzz for Enchanted" - REALLY?!?!?!? your quotes:)

Anonymous said...

Okay I take back what I said about Amy Adams in "Enchanted."
I saw it last night with my sister and my heart still has the warm & fuzzies, even 24 hours later. It was and wonderful and happy and optimistic. Yes. I said wholesome.
An Oscar for Amy Adams is not that far fetched...she was *wonderful*!!!

ToKissTheCook said...

Well, I love that you updated this. And now all I want to do is go see it! It's gray and gross here so a clever, feel-good movie could do me well!